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Thread: Reverting back my PS3 to OFW from CFW

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    Mechafanboy Guest

    Question Reverting back my PS3 to OFW from CFW

    hallo you guys, Mechafanboy here.

    I been thinking of reverting back to OFW 3.55 to prevent my console from being banned from PSN but I'm having trouble finding the files for OFW 3.55

    anyone have a link I can grab it from or is it fine just to overwrite my CFW with OFW 3.60 without losing PSN?

    any advice on this would be greatly appreciated

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    Apr 2005
    It's posted in the download section HERE (although Newbie class users can't download from there currently) and it is also archived here:

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    leukotic Guest
    Why don't you just disconnect the console from the internet?

    Also I believe there has been people who have reverted back to OFW's and still ended up getting banned.

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    B4rtj4h Guest

    Cool stop!

    If you do not want to get banned do this:

    1: Rip your HDD out of your PS3 and connect it to your PC
    2: Format it on the PC
    3: Download 3.55 Official Firmware...
    4: Install the OFW
    5: Now you can connect to the internet...
    6: IF you wanna play online update to 3.60

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    Mechafanboy Guest
    I see, but cant I just revert to factory firmware from the PS3 itself? (by making use of the reset button )

    Quote Originally Posted by leukotic View Post
    Why don't you just disconnect the console from the internet?

    Also I believe there has been people who have reverted back to OFW's and still ended up getting banned.
    I would but I want the ability to connect and buy stuff from the Playstation store.

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    slifer1231 Guest
    currently you would need to format your harddrive to make sure every thing is cleared, then you need to go to the recovery menu and reinstall ofw 3.55 or if you want psn install 3.60 from the system update.

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    Mechafanboy Guest
    will my Account still be Accessable after i format? (was thinking perhaps it was stored online or something so I could just log back in to claim the settings back as they were last time I were online)

    also if that is possible can I redownload content I previusly purchased at the PS Store after a reformat when I get back online using my old account?

    trying to shave off as much as possible now to store it on a 8 Gb USB stick to put it back when I installed 3.60 as a friend suggested I should do. what are you guys thoughts regarding this?

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    daveribz Guest
    Yes, your account will still be accessible. Your PSN account's details are all stored online, on Sony's servers.

    You can redownload all the content you previously purchased with your PSN account. Just log back in, select Playstation Store in the XMB and then access "My Downloads". It's a list of all the content you own.

    Backing up your content is another easier solution. Make sure to delete anything that isn't Sony-approved, including game saves, game data, software, etc. 8GB is probably just enough for your saves and a couple of games.

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    Mechafanboy Guest
    I have made a full format of the PS3 harddrive and I tried to install the OFW using the USB in recovery mode but it tells me the USB don't contain anything.

    the USB is FAT32 formated by default when I bought it so I just slapped on the OFW file on it from my Windows 7 NTFS file system, could that be the cause so I have to apply the file from a FAT32 file system to the USB for it to work propperly?

    also since I did a full Harddrive format shouldnt that automatiacly revert it to factory firmware? (so that installing 3.55 wouldnt be necessary so I could just grab 3.60 directly)

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    barrybarryk Guest
    no, if it can't find the update it's in the wrong place (wrong path, filename or corrupt on the USB device provided its formatted to fat32). a full format wont change your firmware but you can just install 3.60 directly anyway

    If you're planning on going to 3.60 just use system update from the xmb as long as you've already removed all your homebrew and games from the HDD

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