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Thread: RetroA 4.53 Ultimate CFW & PKG Manager for PlayStation 3 Released

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    FlamesOfThunder Guest
    then i have to be on 3.55 ofw to make it work?

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    drahcir Guest
    i have a wonderful brick

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    haze67 Guest

    it all looks cool and whatnot...

    A guy that can't even build lv0 properly, not to mention his DBOFW one is not patched correctly (isoldr only) but totally messed up it starts already at the beginning of lv0.elf but it get worse when u move down, lv1block isn't at the correct place/offset...

    Why the ... you would risk installing any RetroA build is beyond me, the builder he used is higher then OFW455 so the OFW455 would error out, in a way not bad for total noobs, but it's gonna require another higher spoofed >99999 to get out from it.

    Building pups and whatnot is great but you should keep it private.. and prevent others from having a headache later on cuse your PUP bricked one.

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    tzepisor Guest
    ppppppffffffff... I update to this 3 days ago and I ask for help... nothing... now I see more people got brick... why you start do this... sony must pay you for this... don't update to this because you sure got brick...!!!!

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    RetroA Guest
    i am really sorry guys but i promise you guys my next release will fix this problem for sure... until do not use this is unless you have flasher

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    StevenTj Guest
    So this time it's your fault ?

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    RetroA Guest
    not exactly it worked for most people cause i got like 327 downloads and a few said it bricked.

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    tzepisor Guest
    my console have no video... no sound... I can't go to safe mode after install this... pls tell me what I need to start my ps3?

    can you tell me if I can downgrade with a flasher if the ps3 have only green led and I can't do anything... help me pls

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    akimazaki Guest
    Better wait then rush

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    hishamage Guest
    i think your ps3 is bricked i can repair it for cheap using a flasher

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