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  1. #21
    WhataHACKER Guest
    I would like to say that the thumbnail down the bottom looks mad good work!

  2. #22
    RetroA Guest
    thank you!

  3. #23
    RetroA Guest

    Cool RetroA 4.55 DB OFW for PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware Released

    Following up on my initial release, today I present RetroA 4.55 DB OFW for PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware fans with details below.

    Download: RetroA_4.55_DB_OFW.PUP

    MD5: FAB8CE25DAB6C619D580D795E63CCA73


    +Patched LV0 to disable LV0 CoreOS ECDSA checks

    Thanks to Habib for DB OFW idea! If anyone can test this for me, will be great.

    RECOMMENDED: People with a Flasher should test it first! So if accidentally anyone updates to 4.55 OFW, but I patched LV0 so it should not happen

    From haz367 on the related PS3 MFW 4.55 tasks: All 455 options are OK, working fine just like previous builds.. + Latest MM 4.55 also works... also, the disable lv0 ecdsa/lv1descr isn't required, skip it....just pick correct one for the job = default/dex/cobra mfw...

    Added DB-OFW 4.xx patching... can you teach playerkp420? Someone posted [4.xx DB-OFW] updated lv0/iso spu modules task (Deselect all other tasks!)

    Download: DBOFW.rar

    From Smhabib: Sony can caught you if you patch whole lv0. I only patch isoldr and spu_pkg_rvk btw, nice to see mfw builder working for 4.55 good work guys!!!

    From haz367: Same here with DB-OFW lv0 patch(isoldr only) and spu_pkg_rvk = 2+2 4 patches total! verified ok deselect all others obviously... lv0.elf like ur DBOFW's = offset a434e - isoldr.. block only.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

  4. #24
    smhabib Guest
    ITS NOT ALL ABOUT LV0! pls dont do so if you only patched lv0 AND ALL LV0 LDRS!! it would be a cfw then... and pls test before you post so no one bricks.. you know people cant resist

  5. #25
    naruto12 Guest
    Dosent work on ps3 slim 3000 with 4.53 ofw help.

  6. #26
    PSFreak26 Guest
    It's always funny to see comments like this Is it so hard to test it yourself and release it then?

    I would never release something that was not tested. Real Devs should be able to test their things.

  7. #27
    Sejuice Guest
    thanks hishamage (jk)

  8. #28
    tzepisor Guest
    i think my ps3 is brick after update to this retroa

  9. #29
    wendywitch Guest
    tzepisor I have the same problem, tried everything but still getting errors. I appreciate the work of all the Devs but to release CFW untested is a joke there was no warning on the original release that it hadn't been tested.

    I have tried contacting RetroA but still waiting on a reply! Need a fix or some guidance on what to try next. Anyone?

  10. #30
    stevesetsfire Guest
    mine bricked as well

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