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Thread: RetroA 4.53 Ultimate CFW & PKG Manager for PlayStation 3 Released

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    RetroA Guest
    Yes, i really don't like any cfws including mine, Rebug CFWs are the best..

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    lionsfan420 Guest
    I think rebug will never release anymore for the PS3... I think their moment has been up!!!

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    froddobaggin Guest
    LOL I also think that since the release of Cobra 7.00 (4.46) and 4.53 Cobra (Habib and Steven) not many people will love conventional CFW.

    the cobra has been added a bunch lovely things that non cobra can't. Hishamage ? he also brick many system.

    I wont gamble here, i will use only tested CFW.

    no offense, just my humble opinion.

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    hayman Guest
    here is the same i'm on ps3 fat CFW 4.50. can't update using usb... please help

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    bigvern1979 Guest
    does it support iris manager and will i still be able to play my games with broken bluray drive using iris manager?

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    NTA Guest
    was there a different cfw that you were using to play games with a broken bluray drive?

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    RetroA Guest
    anyone want an arabic cfw??

    try it, i put some patches for that, but if it don't work, then i will try to fix it for future updates ok..

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    hayman Guest
    will this work with MM manager ?

    i can't update my ps3Fat chf 4.50 ... any help please ?

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    RetroA Guest
    wait for update v2 i'm fixing this problem... for some ps3s it is not working i noticed that, so i be fixing it ok

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    wendywitch Guest
    got this and tried installing this I'm now stuck in recovery mode. tried reinstalling rebug and 3.55 OFW but get message "a serious error has occurred contact technical support for assistance (8002f281)."

    I've also tried reformatting the HDD, is there any fix, update or any suggestions on what I should now try, or is the ps3 bricked RetroA?
    any help is appreciated.

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