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Thread: Red Faction Armageddon on PS3 CFW 3.55

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    Dragos05azs Guest

    Red Faction Armageddon on PS3 CFW 3.55

    This fix comes from Iraq.. a young man called .aws. The first step download the full game. The second step load the modified files.

    Step into the RED FACTION >PS3_GAME >USRDIR> build ..cut all files in the folder and paste in USRDIR and delete folder build. Change eboot and param .. ...eboot+param.sfo
    install this pkg

    download from here

    ok and select game from multiman and run game form app home

    Enjoy with the full game without any problems.

    Who work a young man from Iraq named .aws, a member of the forum

    i will try this... and post results.

    ok.. PARAM.SFO is from the demo game.. pkg. file is Red Faction Armageddon Demo... i will try this but not tonight ...slow down.

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    violentcris Guest
    I see that fix on other sites was declared as bs.

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    Dragos05azs Guest
    maybe.. but worth to try.. sorry for my english

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    rommy667 Guest
    So is this working or not?

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    kombat75 Guest
    is it working ? if yes pls share so we can download it and try it also...

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    bockers Guest
    Check it out

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    spunkybunny Guest
    its sort of working I think? I installed the demo (the PKG) and it installed the demo. Not sure what it does as I just copied over the full games files over the top of the demo minus the eboot and it boots up but in a demo. it says its 35% through the game but acting like a demo.

    You can only start a new game, no save/load and not sure how far you can go but I played for about 20 mins and it played just like the full game. It's not like the first level which is how it went first time I tried this when it first came out.

    Someone else give it a longer go. See how long you can play for then get back to us. I got into the market then I had to stop.

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    aliraq Guest
    yes its working on cfw 3.55 without any problems, but you must run game from app home not form disk.

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    Mad Wolf Guest
    strange... how it works from app home and not from disc ??

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    spunkybunny Guest
    did you actually try it? That eboot is from the demo and all I could get working is the demo not the full game.

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