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    does work for any game region? do i need all mediafire links? thanks a lot for sharing!

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    Oct 2011
    yes you need all links ..install the pkg demo and... and enter the full game >> red faction >> PS3_GAME >> USRDIR >> build... cut all file in build and paste in USRDIR.

    change eboot + param

    copy game on hdd external chose game from multiman or rogero and run game from app home

    Note : eject disk before run game

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    Does it save or not?

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    This didn't work for me. I installed the demo, cut & pasted all files in "build" folder which contains "ps3" folder & eboot file, replaced eboot & param files, run in app home but get an error msg. Did I do something wrong?

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    Install the demo, and copy the files of the disc game (folder-build (dg) to folder usrdir (demo) then run it from xmb like the demo!

    It works, but at the end of level 1 there is no finish... no freeze but level 1 never end (bug? or problem of the Demo Eboot?)


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    This fix just makes you play a little longer in level 1 than in the demo. After level 1 the game is basically over for you because it freezes like shadow2066 mentioned and there is no way around it. I would just stay away from this game until there is a full fix. (You may want to add this info in the first post boss )

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    I'm sorry but the level you can play isn't level 1, it is level 6 like in the demo and at the end of this level the game doesn't freeze you can play but there is no way out.

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    Hmm alright, but I still don't understand, does this "fix" give you any more gameplay than the Demo does?

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    all it does it let you play the demo which is what the demo does. It's fake, thats what it is.

    There is no way to play it unless you have the TB dongle or get it on xbox 360 where it's been playable since it was first leaked all those months ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeyManHRU View Post
    Hmm alright, but I still don't understand, does this "fix" give you any more gameplay than the Demo does?
    Yes, you can play a little longer, cause you play the whole "level 6" after this "fix".

    In the Demo you can only play 2 scenes of "level 6".

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