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    Dragantis Guest
    Someone who have all working (include workind gallery profile etc) can upload files from?

    /dev_hdd0/GAMES/BLUS30881/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/SEC name ag05_SG_data.sec

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    Pastare Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by daivyphuong View Post
    Record Of Agarest War 2 PS3-ViMTO
    Can anybody help with this release? I have asked about it a little before but got no answer. There is a bug, which I assume is somehow related to the japanese eboot being used to start the game.

    If you press triangle to inspect ANYTHING, books, skills, materials, shop items, and even when the inspection is triggered by the game, like after crafting something and you see the item created, you are stuck on the inspection page.

    The game is not frozen, you can still scroll the page, if you are in an item shop you can still switch through the items sold there, you just can't leave the inspection page which is done by pressing X and/or O.

    The only options you have is to press the PS button and quit the game to the PS3 menu (losing any unsaved action) or just doing a force reboot of the console. This would be fine if it was limited to inspecting items, but not being able to improve or create items because of this is too penalizing, not to mention, there might be times in the story when you get special item(s) triggering the inspection page, which will give us the same trouble.

    This little stupid thing is making it impossible to play the whole game... Can anyone think of anything? Like anyone that would have the skills to edit the eboot to fix the button layout or something? (if that's possible).

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    saito1234 Guest
    I have the Japanese version of the game, I've uploaded the AG05_SG_DATA.sec for people who need it.

    If you replace this everything works, but as others said, if you're doing this skill, item, and some things will be Japanese, there's a fix though. This is exactly how REDragoon fixed the Agarest Zero release, with his tool Record of Agarest War Zero PS3 Sec File Repacker SRC.

    The problem is that it was uploaded to FileServe, which doesn't works anymore, so probably not much people has it, it was a tool written in Java, to repack the extracted .SEC file.

    You can extract the files from .SEC with Asmodean's exsec tool

    Someone with enough programming knowledge should be able to write a .SEC repacker, like REDragoon, I think he wrote it based on Asmodean's SEC Extractor (exsec) tool. (as it is really similiar, but instead of extracting it repacks the files...)

    If someone is capable of doing this, it is possible to replace the files for item, weapon, accessory descriptions inside AG05_SG_DATA.sec, while using the Japanese version of the file, which works perfectly with the Japanese release, still with English translations. Just like with Agarest ZERO.

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    kyubey Guest
    just wondering... is the bug for agarest war 2 fixed?

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    saito1234 Guest
    No, sadly...

    Hopefully DUPLEX will release an eboot fix, or someone else who knows how to do it, now that the keys are out!

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    v3xXx1 Guest
    Record of Agarest War Zero PS3 Sec File Repacker SRC pls re-upload! But link is dead

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