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    this update is awesome thank you lol your awesome

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    I have an issue that's been confusing me for quite some time now. I've been experiencing some difficulties with running the REBUG 3.55.2 True blue. I've been trying to run this cfw in order to update and customize my sports games (NBA 2K12 and Madden football) rosters. I do everything as instructed (I update the cfw with a usb in recovery mode, everything installs well.)

    I start everything up, and it starts up well. I do everything, install rebug selector pkg, everything goes fine. I turn off my ps3 completely, the put in my true blue dongle, turn on the system, but then nothing comes on.

    Just a black screen and the dongle is red. Now, my dongle is updated to 2.51 and works fine with the TB CFW. But for some reason, when I put in the dongle after insalling the REBUG 3.55.2 True Blue CFW, the black screen happens. But when the dongle isn't inserted, everything turns on fine and works.

    Can someone please help me out on this b/c I couldn't fine any instructions step-by-step on installation or it doesn't seem as if anyone else has run into this problem. Thank you in advance!

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    thank you for the news

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    thanks for the news it's really help me a lot

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