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Thread: Rebug PS3 Custom Firmware 3.55.2 CFW TB (True Blue) Edition Out

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    Bartholomy Guest
    EEK!!! Seriously? I'll pass, not so much interested to be a Guinea pig, but if works, you're great bro

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    technodon Guest
    it works fine, if you install otherOS++ QAflag your console with the extra.pkg, well.. it worked on mine. i have a slim CECH2503B with nor if you dont have a e3 flasher or never updated past 3.55 it should work fine with normal xmb install update

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    mikymax972 Guest
    it works fine, if you install otherOS++ QAflag your console with the extra.pkg

    where i can find this extra pkg? can you post a link i want try your cfw.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Uhm ye, i installed both, long ago. So i suppose it could be considered safe. Needs more tests, with new games. I suggest inviting more people to test it with new 2.5 games. If works, i can finally go back to use my beloved rebug

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    technodon Guest
    i have tested this ( as a downgrade from 4.11 using the e3 flasher factory service mode method and can confirm that the lv1 patches are in place. remember to visit the rebug website site and support their efforts.

    just a quick heads up if anyone installed and was using my rebug V2 Trueblue firmware, the new 2.61 TB update stops it working, you need to install the trueblue firmware from the official website, it stops working because you need index.dat, version.txt and vsh.self from their firmware but i can't just copy them and paste them into the rebug firmware cause although the dongle works it stops rebug features working.. so i'm going to need the rebug team to modifiy the vsh.selfs for this one!

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    mforcevirus Guest
    Is there any way to downgrade to make the install easier?

    Oops ignore this I just saw the other post.

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    computersteve Guest
    technodon is it possible for you to make that firmware even though you lose the rebug features if you copy the index.dat, version.txt and vsh.self and the reason I ask this and I think it will help a lot of people with launch ps3s because I was using your rebug trueblue firmware v2 because I need it to easily swap between that and cobra firmware if I use the official one whenever I want to swap I get the error you are already on the latest version.

    So I guess this is my point I am using your firmware because it used to allow me to run the latest eboot patches as well as use system update debug successfully between cobra custom firmware and yours so if possible could you provide a firmware with those swapped files even if we lose rebug features.

    Or could you provide a firmware for the latest patches that has a spoofed version so launch ps3 owners can swap between cobra or another dongle without the latest system software is already installed error that I used to get because both appear as 3.55 when rebug is 3.55.2.

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    technodon Guest
    In regard to the PS3 4.11 Version Spoofer 2.2 (3.55 ONLY) and Rebug Update Package 0.7 (3.55.2) my video was based on the rebug v2 firmware version that i made.

    The dongle was also updated to version 2.5, i updated the dongle to 2.61 firmware but it wouldn't work because of the version spoof implemented not tested with latest 2.7 update but i'm guessing that it would be the same deal if anyone wants to give it a go you can downgrade the dongle by running the 2.5 update again.

    I can taste it, its sweet like a woman.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Great for many users, but is TB CFW v2 out of luck?

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    Apr 2005


    I have moved your discussion posts to the ongoing Rebug TB topic per our Sticky thread on the DRM-infected dongles.

    Feel free to discuss TB compatibility or issues with the new Rebug updates here... any new TB posts in the other thread will be nuked as we don't have time to continue merging them all here.

    Below are some notes from Gary Wayne Bowser (aka GaryOPA) also for those with DRM dongles:

    NOTE #1: It does not work for users with the Cobra CFW firmware installed, due to the way the dongle does internal security checks.
    NOTE #2: For it to work on 'True Blue' you need to downgrade your dongle to v2.51 and make sure you running v2 of their CFW.
    NOTE #3: If you run any problems, remember to try a 'clean' CFW installed, with no reACTPSN or other spoofers or mods added!
    NOTE #4: DON'T ACTIVATE/DEACTIVATE your PS3 on PSN to much in ONE DAY or Sony will LOCK you out for a WEEK.

    Also from BahumatLord on how to make this work with the True Blue dongle:

    Instructions on how to get to work with TB with dongle inserted:

    1. Reflash your TB firmware to make sure you have vanilla install
    2. Reflash your dongle firmware to 2.5 or 2.51. 2.51 if your dongle shipped with it, and 2.5 if it didn't
    3. Install the new rebug spoofer
    4. Enjoy

    Just remember that you'd be able to lauch TB games up to and including the ones for 2.5. The very latest are still unplayable.

    Finally, make sure you change environment back to "np" (without quotes) if you are experiencing error 80710104.

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