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Thread: Rebug PS3 Custom Firmware 3.55.2 CFW TB (True Blue) Edition Out

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    spunkybunny Guest
    If I upgrade to TBv2 then upgrade the dongle to 2.5 will it still work if I go back to Rebug TB? The problem is a normal CFW doesn't usually have the ACT.DAT keeper patch or the reActPSN v2.0 patches where Rebug TB does.

    I try all games with a disk in the drive so thats not it. Now I got a weird one. COD MW3. It works but its in French. Is there a way to change the language or just get an English version? It's BLES01429.

    I found out this version I have is the French version. DOH! Might have to run down to the video shop for the English version tomorrow.

    Oh, I went to TBv2 and upgraded the dongle to 2.5 and Eyepets work. I then went back to Rebug v2 TBE and it now says the dongle is 2.4 and Eyepets no longer works. Lets hope the Rebug team come back and update Rebug v2 TBE to v2.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Yep, new releases works with last update 2.5 and new CFW

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    spunkybunny Guest
    They say all they did was swap COREOS from the TB firmware and copied it into REBUG 355 v2 so how hard would it be to copy the TBv2 COREOS into that REBUG TB so make a REBUG TBv2? That way we can have Rebug and TBv2 so everything should work.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Meh, hopefully soon we will see a new release.

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    spunkybunny Guest
    I made a Rebug 3.55-2 TBEv2 by swapping the COREOS from 3.55TBv2 using PS3MFW Builder. Is that the only file that needs to be swapped? That what the Rebug site says. (Its back up now)

    I can't modify anything with these CFW's using PS3MFW Builder but I did manually swap the COREOS file.

    I was also asking is that all thats needed or will that just brick? All I did was let PS3MFW Builder make the MFW with nothing ticket so nothing gets changed except the COREOS file which I manually swapped while it was extracting in the process.

    It was Rebug 3.55-2TBEdition with the TBv2 COREOS file. If thats going to make a brick then I will just delete it, if thats all thats needed then I will install it and see if everything works.

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    Below is a brief update from their site today as well for those interested:



    First. We would like to start by saying that we are NOT leaving the PS3 scene and we are just as actively working on PS3 projects as we have always been.

    Second. To all our users requesting new REUBG TB EDTION we will put this in simple point form.

    1. True Blue dongle DOES have ‘suicide code’ (code to erase itself).

    2. The team DOES NOT have a True Blue dongle at the moment.

    3. We will NOT release anything without testing it first.

    What that means is we will not release the new REBUG TB EDITION until we get a dongle and it is tested here first so we don’t accidently brick a 1000 dongles around the world!!!.

    ~Codename: REBUG

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    spunkybunny Guest
    I can get a test PS3 but I dont have a test dongle. I can test the firmware but if its going to kill the dongle then I can wait.

    So far the dongle flashed with v2.5 works in Rebug TBE.

    Does anyone know if that "Suicide code" bricks the dongle or just erases it so you can reflash it and it'll work again?

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    moja Guest
    I love the little story blurbs they write in support of a release. I'm sure most rebug users all have dongles.

    Anyway, good to know that their announced Xaio360 board won't stop their PS3 development. I take it this version of rebug is a way to keep rebug features while using the dongle? Still don't have one, don't plan on it, but enjoy reading the developments. Didn't know about the suicide code - I think that's kind of cruel.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    I'm theorizing if old version was the source of some bricks. Meh, surely not.

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    technodon Guest
    i modified the Rebug TrueBlue custom firmware with the coreOS from the new v2 version from trueblue. it adds support for new games like puss in boots.


    i'm not sure if the lv1 downgrader patches are in place as it was based on the original rebug TB firmware best to install this by QA flagged recovery options just to be safe.

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