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    Rebug PS3 CFW issue

    hello! I was on 3.55 kmeaw and I finally passed to rebug 3.55.2 using the standard procedure (insert USB with ps3update.pup and updated from xmb).

    Now when I start a game and return to dashboard it says "corrupted data blahblah" and ask me to insert controller reinstall FW and so on... but if I instead push the "ps" button on the controller it gets me to the xmb. it's a really annoying issue because I use my ps3 with a vga adapter, so it loose the video mode and I should have to set it again every time, and multiman doesn't work because of this. should it depend from the old kmeaw's: BDEMU, multiman and LV2patcher?

    how should I remove them? (if necessary, expecially BDEMU and LV2 patcher) I installed rebug and stop. no additional packages neither removing the old kmeaw's one. many thanks!

    p.s. I wish to use rebug over kmeaw because I'm a programmer and I want to use debugging feature like remote launching/debugging. It's really boring compiling->signing->put on usb->multiman->launch->load every line I change.

    ok I solved by using the patch on the rebug website for 3.55.2 (I tought it was already fixed in the firmware I donwloaded). now I get another issue. when I start the trophy system (for example the tekken 6 one) I get 0x80010505 saying that it can't obtain/create the trophy data. what should I do?

    ok solved! update multiman from 01.17.02 to the last update (02.09.00 full + 02.09.00 update). I really hope that this thread would be useful to someone u.u

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    this might be enough for your debugging purpose. Since you can just launch selfs by passing it through network.

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    it load but doesn't start, i'm using wiiload to load it on the console. here is my output

    [Register or Login to view code]

    then it stays in the grey screen and nothing happen. why it doesn't start!?

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    That file is no coded right. Not the right syntax for... Whatever that is... I'm confused why it says Wiiload...

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    Likely because PS3Load was based off WiiLoad:

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    before posting I spent a couple of hour R(ing)TFG I got tens of sites sharing ps3load without knowing what they are sharing and a couple of sites where they say to use wiiload (yes. the same one you use on the wii) in fact if I don't load ps3loader on ps3 and I send a file through wiiload I get an error from it:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    even using *.elf/*.self doesn't start anything o_o

    ok solved by using wiiload 0.5.1! let me know if I have to post it here. (it's a bit difficult to find over the net, but not impossible).
    the last question for this thread (I promise): now when I start ps3load it loads always the last stuff I send him. how do I reset ps3load to let him start from the gray screen again?

    I saw I have two interesting files:


    should I manually remove one of those two, or should I make something with ps3load?

    Update: I gave up: I downloaded & built PSL1GHT on windows by using mingw (that has been the worst experience in my life) and now I'm running ps3load v0.3.

    that's really way better because I can customize and improve it with what I need.

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