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  1. #351
    bitsbubba Guest
    Roaf no 3.55 only

  2. #352
    Roaf Guest
    So Is there any to spoofer 4.31 for CFW 4.30 ?

  3. #353
    technodon Guest
    a spoofer is not needed cause 4.31 could be jailbroken just as easily as 4.21, 4.25 and 4.30. but 4.31 is not a mandatory update anyway and sony didint bother to change the psn passphrase anyway.

  4. #354
    saikmsm Guest
    will this work on 3.41 ?

  5. #355
    jt666 Guest

  6. #356
    jamstar95 Guest
    Tried this but when trying to log in it says an update is required.

  7. #357
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by jt666 View Post
    Thanks a lot jt666, very much appreciated and +Rep! I will add the mirror to the main article now as well.

  8. #358
    smokyyuwe Guest

  9. #359
    sykesvr6 Guest
    can you play online i tried fifa 13 did update 1.01 then it would not load

  10. #360
    saikmsm Guest
    can anybody please answer me ! would this work on 3.41 jb? is there anyway that i can access psn?

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