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  1. #321
    popshopadop Guest
    well as far as i can tell fckpsn works only in windows xp and not windows 7. i just tried it on my old pc and it works. too bad it crashed my pc but thats what happens when you use a 7 year old pc.

  2. #322
    pinkone Guest
    Works fine on Windows 7 for me.

  3. #323
    popshopadop Guest
    32 or 64? i got an emulator using my old xp disk. i got it to work but now to figure out the 80710a06 error. i am searching it and getting the error from 1 year ago. so i'll be looking around here.

  4. #324
    pinkone Guest
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64 just had to add it to windows firewall.

  5. #325
    rudolfo Guest
    Hi. I've been trying to download the update package for the 4.00 spoofer for the 3.41 OFM but all the links are down. Why as it been erased everywhere? Can someone help me out? Thanks

  6. #326
    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    XMB Manager Plus v1.00 RC5 Core CFW FULL 4.11 DEX FW

    If you can direct me to the post with that dead link, I will add a mirror to it there for ya.

    Update: I believe I found it HERE, and added a mirror to the article now as well.

    Also below is an XMB Manager (XMB_Manager_Plus_v1.00RC5_Core_CFW_FULL.pkg) for 4.11 DEX users:

    Download: XMB Manager Plus v1.00 RC5 Core CFW FULL 4.11 DEX FW

    Filename: XMB_Manager_Plus_v1.00RC5_Core_CFW_FULL411dexfw.ra r
    MD5: 487dd4615cc6a579c58f1d2e454aa7a9

  7. #327
    rudolfo Guest
    Thanks for you help!

  8. #328
    yakir Guest
    thanks this is great!

  9. #329
    ajaen Guest
    does any one know of any working spoof right now?

  10. #330
    pinoytechno Guest

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