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    Senior Member HeyManHRU's Avatar
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    It's because the update is 3.60+. You can try changing the game version to 1.07 to bypass the update.

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    Just like I asked many others for doing foolish things, so I'm asking you... What would you do with Journey on CFW 3.55 even if you manage to get it? The game is FW 3.70 and not crackable as yet.

    Do you even have proper and original pre 3.55 act.dat file to even consider getting usable rifs which you can convert to raps? People, STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY! If you want to contribute send me a PM and I can purchase good, but only will do so with 3.55 games. No point getting something whan cant be fixed.

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    How can i do this thanks in advance.

    I mean the problem is i can play singleplayer on 1.0 patch but if i whant multiplayer i have to update to 1.07 patch. When i install the patch it gives me the error.
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    With proxy or searc for a ps3 patch blocker.

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    Don't worry not wasting money, it is on my account when i get a legit PS3!

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    Thank you very much hope it works I'll try it on.

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    Thanks for the tip, very much appreciated.

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    anyone know how to get Episodes from Liberty City USA version working on Rebug 3.55.2 from external. It installs the data to play but then it stays on the loading screen, and there are no update prompts at all for it. Thanks!

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    It only works from internal

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    from internal it just takes me back to xmb after hitting x on any of the 2 episodes. from external it just stays in the black screen and have to hard reboot my ps3.


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