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    Dec 2010
    Just played some GTA 4 online, also playes some PES 11 and Virtua Tennis 4. It worked flawlessly. Had a little trouble with Fifa 12 though.

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    Sep 2010
    guys, i am going official.. online gaming with all latest games and i don't think any new cfw is nearby, it has been a great run so far, hope something new comes along and pr0p0sitionJOE, i couldn't understand what exactly you want?? You don't want the demo, you want some keys and i don't have a paid psn a/c

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    does any one heard anything about someone got ban from psn with this? the is a risk that if a i play online i would get ban right?


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    Aug 2007
    When ever you have Cfw and go online there is a risk of getting banned. I have not heard of someone getting banned but there is a risk. Thanks.

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    so.. the best thing to do is stay of online right? but damn i was playing COD world at war and i love it lol, with this i think about losing the jailbreak and start to buy games and play online.

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    Jun 2009
    as long as your pushlist is clean, you may be safe from detection. but either way, there's no way for them to determine you if youre using a jailbreak or not.

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    good work Cyberskunk and evilsperm nice to see progress is being made last thing i expected to see was psn/sen again especialy before a new cfw

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    I deactivated it and uninstalled it too and got the rsod. Had to reinstall ofw 3.55 then cfw 3.55. the hdd was corrupted but the ps3 fixed it after the firmware install. Still have all my data luckily.

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    hi there, what have you done to get RSOD ? im just asking because if i can i wanna prevent it.


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    he just said what he did.. I deactivated it L1+X and uninstalled it L1+O

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