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  1. #251
    imrock Guest
    if you want, i can share the batman arkham city demo but i don't know anything about rif/rap, could you direct me to a proper guide?

  2. #252
    DJTommy812 Guest
    ok i guess uninstalling it caused the file system on the hdd to get corrupted, i just got the prompt during the rebug installation, its fixing it now. lost everything on the hdd yay

  3. #253
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Did you get the following code (Game Quit: No Request Event) when you try to start the Spoofer 4.11 ?

  4. #254
    technodon Guest
    Yes. you will, you dont need the 4.11 version spoofer. it doesnt work on rebug

  5. #255
    Redfoxicek Guest
    yes I did.

  6. #256
    DJTommy812 Guest
    me too.

  7. #257
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    I had the same problem.

    1. Check your FirmWare - maybe it is already 4.11 if not do this :
    2. Rebug Selector 1.60 and switch to the following settings
    Mode : Rebug
    XMB : Retail
    Debug Menu : 1

    That's how I fixed it.

  8. #258
    jvmsantos Guest
    Hello, Works smoothly with 3.55 CFW FAT PS3 dlc download from psn and work ok.

    Thanks for all

  9. #259
    DJTommy812 Guest
    i'm up an running now, enjoyed some world at war co-op

  10. #260
    jvmsantos Guest
    gab1ka you have test GT5 online? i try, but must update to the last version and now i can't download all updates, slow internet connection

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