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    Try checking if the spoof has activated!!

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    Sep 2010
    check the debug settings and make sure that the options are set to np and not sp-int or anything else.

    you guy's dont need the 4.11 Version Spoofer it doesnt work on rebug anyway.. just goto rebug selector and change the settings to rebug mode. the console will restart but you have to turn it off and back on again..

    1. Install Rebug 3.55.2
    2. Install Rebug Update Package 0.7
    3. Install Rebug Selector and select rebug mode. the console wil reboot automatically but you need to turn it off then back on again..

    enjoy being online.

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    Ok right! can see that now lol.. and it is spoofed to 4.11 . i downloaded a update for my singstar game to get accese to my downloaded songs but when i update i cant start up the game! now do i have to edit some files to get this DLC to work?? so i can download my 200 songs i paid for.. hehe

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    Thanks techodon, I'll try that right away!

    Edit: Okay, now I know what the '80710104' error is. It means we must change our passwords if we haven't done that yet.

    But when I log in via the PSN website
    It tells me a e-mail is send with a URL to change my password.

    And it did! But... The URL in the E-mail seems to be dead! What to do now!?

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    Nov 2011
    I tried a few games trough PSN Multiplayer like Tekken 6,Resistance 1-2, Blur, Motorstorm, all of them working like a charm.

    Probably every older game will be fine, just make sure the game doesn't request a 3.55+ patch like Gran Turismo 5 etc..

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    and the big question : Can I buy Journey on the PSN and play it on my ps3 running cfw 3.55 ?

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    Im simply on KW 3.55, installed it and activated it just fine but if i hit sign in it just says there is an update available and cant do anything else. What am i ignorantly doing wrong? thank you!

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    Sep 2010
    your password has expired, try the forgot password and change it, happened to me too.

    have you activated it correctly?? you have to install and then activate which automatically reboots the ps3.

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    Dec 2009
    Holy crap, happy and cautious at the same time lol...

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    GTA is working with the latest patch! I have been trying to mod it with the common and ps3 files here from the site, but it gave me a black screen.

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