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  1. #201
    niwakun Guest
    wtf!. amazing update then.

  2. #202
    miandad Guest
    good news.. now wait for sony step if sony release next version this mean sony still fight against cfw if not there will be soon 4.11 cfw

  3. #203
    elser1 Guest
    thats pretty kool but unfortunately i haven't played my jb ps3 for about a year n have no trophies to sync.. spewn awesome news tho for those that want to get online rebug man!!

  4. #204
    niwakun Guest
    online works, everything works but that trophy won't sync. damn!

  5. #205
    flysociety666 Guest
    Seems like some games aren't working, almost all games I've tried won't find people online. I've tried SC5, Dead Rising 2: OTR, Dead Island and out of desperation, MW3.

  6. #206
    technodon Guest
    flysociety at a guess its probably looking at debug servers, so you would probably have to run a proxy through a pc to change the links. no doubt sony will block it very soon, anyway.. i'm posting a quick video to youtube, Yes. you can see my online ID and my mac address.

  7. #207
    technodon Guest
    just a quick video to demonstrate how the Rebug Team have wowed us once again, it is now possible to sign into PSN on 3.55 custom firmware. so download the latest update patch, then run the rebug selector and choose rebug mode, then reboot your console and enjoy psn access on 3.55. best sync them backup trophies quick cause sony will no doubt force a new update in a couple of days so enjoy enjoy this while you can

  8. #208
    racer0018 Guest
    I can say that everything so far works. I have gotten my trophy sync to work on slim running Cfw v2, need to have the dongle out for it to work. However I can't get the launch day 60 gig to work. I think this is the one I changed the certifications on it before to go online. Now I have to remember where those went. Lol. Post your firmware you are using to help others out. Thanks.

  9. #209
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Thanks for news man, time to play CoD, rofl.

  10. #210
    elser1 Guest
    i smell a new fw or something to stop this very soon.. LOL

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