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Thread: Rebug CFW 3.41.3, 3.55.2, OtherOS++ and 3.66 Version Spoofer

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    kreus Guest
    Nop, just tired of waiting for a solution. I jailbroke my ps3 on 1/1/11 and im on 12/2/12 and since then people tried to jailbreak 3.60 and since then i was limited to old games and psn games. My favorite games are 3.60+ soo...

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    technodon Guest
    Nice 1, well i'll keep working on it i've got a lot more links i can add. it just seems a blt slow downloading the pkgs to usb but maybe this can be modded to download them to dev_hdd0/packages or something

    here is an updated version of my Playstation Store for the XMB Manager i have added more content and also the file size it basically links to the trial demos which can be unlocked with react PSN by holding circle Voodice, Mercury Hg, Tumble, Worms 2 Armageddon, Fret Nice unlocks are untested all the others work fine.

    some games require higher firmware so you need to unlock them on 3.55 then transfer them to a unjailbroken console running 4.10. after the transfer create a second user account on the console leaving user 1 in place then sign into psn on the second user otherwise when you try to download puchased content from the official store you will get a error. if you have a e3 flasher or similar device you can update to 4.10 then downgrade back to custom firmware.

    i hope you like this cause it took a couple of hours. (my intention was not to remove the original links but i was unable to code my own new section) sorry, maybe you could make the necessary modifications. enjoy

    i forgot to mention mag is too big to fit onto a USB so until thie package manager is modded to download to the internal ps3 this won't work.. also it take a while to load up but it does work you have to wait a bit.

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    pinoytechno Guest
    any update for CFW 4.0?

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    technodon Guest
    update here:

    found this code it might be better for the store thing cause it would just install them rather than downloading them to USB
    <View id="seg_home">
    			<Table key="home_install">
    				<Pair key="info"><String>home_install</String></Pair>
    				<Pair key="pkg_src"><String></String></Pair>
    				<Pair key="pkg_src_qa"><String></String></Pair>
    				<Pair key="content_name"><String>msg_playstation_home</String></Pair>
    				<Pair key="content_id"><String>EP9000-NPIA00005_00-HOME000000000001</String></Pair>
    				<Pair key="instruction_rsc"><String>msg_playstation_home_explanation</String></Pair>
    				<Pair key="prod_pict_path"><String>/dev_flash/vsh/resource/explore/icon/icon_home.png</String></Pair>
    				<Pair key="focus"><String>last</String></Pair>
    			<Item class="type:x-xmb/xmlnpsignup" key="home_install"	attr="home_install" />

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    ps3hen Guest
    Yeah DeViL303 looked into that, but that only accepts the Playstation Home .pkg. It tends to error out at some point of either downloading or installing.. with other packages.

    BTW in regards to PsDev's "extracted" XMBM+ v0.10, the inner workings and code of the XMBM+ is available on the development page(s). We're not hiding anything.

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    technodon Guest
    hen do you think it would be possible to mod the file manager to rename the act.dat file or the dev_hdd0/home/xxxxxxxx/exdata/ directory. when i downgrade with QA flag my act.dat gets deleted i tried to copy it from a different console using the data transfer utility but got no joy..

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    ps3hen Guest
    Have you tried downgrading with the flasher after activating your PS3 with PSN, backing up you act.dat to a USB then QA downgrading. That way you would still have you act.dat which you can then copy back to it's original directory after it's QA downgraded. The file manager relies on already present functions within the system ".sprx" files to use.

    The reason why the current file manager works on all FWs is because browsing the PS3 file system is natively supported within the .sprx files. Adding extra functions to the would require patching the relevent ".sprx" files (namely "explore_plugin.sprx") to be able to handle re-naming. Unfortunately there is not much (as far as I know) documentation on how system ".sprx" files work, so it would be hard.

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    Apr 2005

    XMBM+ PKG Compiler Toolkit - PS3 Package Builder and Distributer

    Following up on the previous releases, this weekend PlayStation 3 developer ps3hen has made available XMBM+ PKG Compiler Toolkit - a PS3 Package builder and distributer homebrew application for Windows users.

    Download: XMBM+ PKG Compiler Toolkit - PS3 Package Builder and Distributer

    To quote: After recent efforts to "extract our work back to source" and realising how annoying it is to individually re-package of the now large collection a packages which comprises 'a release' for the XMBM+. I bring the XMBM+ Package Compiler Toolkit.

    After a day of re-learning batch with my tutor google, I've finished the tool which anyone working on the XMBM+ can use to make mastering/testing much easier. The basics of what it does:

    1/ Compile, rename and post to dropbox (requires access to dropbox account)
    2/ Compile rename and send to a specified directory on computer
    3/ Cool little other features

    Anyway to save time modifying important the directories, I've taken the liberty of making them variables existing in the settings.ini. Modifying the settings.ini is necessary if you want to use this with Dropbox.

    How to Use :

    1/ extract the archive to 'C:\'
    2/ if you are using this with dropbox or want to use different directories edit the settings.ini at 'C:\XMBMPLS\bin\'
    3/ do not change the file structure inside 'C:\XMBMPLS\pkg_source\' if you do not know what you are doing
    4/ run the "XMBM+ PKG Complier" short cut at 'C:\XMBMPLS\' and follow the prompts to your desire

    But for actually editing the source before compiling look here:

    The core package source is contained in 'C:\XMBMPLS\pkg_source\CORE_PACK\'
    The theme packages' source is contained in 'C:\XMBMPLS\pkg_source\THEME_PACKS\'
    The language packages' source is contained in 'C:\XMBMPLS\pkg_source\LANGUAGE_PACKS\'

    [imglink=|XMBM+ PKG Compiler Toolkit - PS3 Package Builder and Distributer][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    ps3hen Guest
    Just to clarify, while you can build any package with this tool using "settings and direct cmd functions" -> "manual command". But it's main use is to make building packages for the XMBM+ (like theme packs and language packs) much easier as it does everything and requires very little user input.

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    NTA Guest
    Sweet. Thanks for the effort ps3hen

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