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    Banned User
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    How is this useless?
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    11.Web_Links_Icon.JPG   12.Web_Links_Menu.JPG   13.About_Icon.JPG   14.About_Menu.JPG   15.Package_Manager_Plus_Homebrew_Downloader.jpg  

    16.File_Manager_All_Active _Drives.jpg   17.File_Manager_Flash.jpg   18.MultiMedia_Manager_video.jpg   19.Game_Data_Manager_Sorted_Games.jpg   20.Package_Manager_plus_download_pkg.jpg  

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    yes, Team XMBM+ I was just chosen to post as I did the final packaging

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    really need a copy function cause i found a new file/folder on firmware 4.10 plus/auto_upload/up_titleid_list.dat

    looking into this there maybe a way to sync trophies from usb. you would still need to earn them in games on 3.55 then transfter the data to usb mod the package manager and it will sync the trophies from usb instead of the internal drive
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    is that file held on the hdd, because if it is you can just delete it.

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    One question... I updated to OFW4.1 and now i always have an error, it says that i have to update the game, that its version is 0.00 and when i try to update it just goes to the xmb, So i cant update games

    Any suggestions?

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    That sound like you have the debug setting "GameUpdate Impose Test" left on when you updated. If I am right you'll have to find a way to access debug settings and disable it there, otherwise it will ask to update to version 0.00 every time you load an application.

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    can someone have a look at this: http://www.mediafire.com/?f6qf0z4jwh4a822

    i've modded the links.xml to download from playstation store probably best to backup your original folder before you copy these into /dev_hdd0/game/XMBMANPLS/USRDIR by FTP cause i dont think this is the USB version. i tried to mod the www logo and replace it with a picture of the game but couldn't get it to work. maybe one of you could improve on this! let me know if you think its good and worth adding more games.

    it only links to game demos on the store but could be unlocked with react PSN

    unlocked with react PSN by holding the circle button
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    Yeah the icon for the links can't be replaced with a local item, it has to be an icon from the relevant rco. But thats a good idea, having an archive (maybe continuously growing) of PSN content, demos or otherwise. Perhaps it'll be in 0.20, again good idea

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    I made a mod of XMBM+ using icons for Youtube XL and added other links with icons, and it looks very nice.

    What I did is that I added the icon to a segment (menu) with description and info, and put the link with the WWW as an option that says: Youtube.com/XL

    In the screen, the combination of the WWW icon and the text, reads: WWW Youtube.com/XL, which is the URL to open. It is a workaround, but looks nice.

    Maybe you could use the same trick to show the game icons.

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    Why?? OFW4.1???

    You were on rebug 3.55.2 + qa-flag+ lv2 loader & kernel + homebrews and you give that all up??

    Plz tell me you got a flasher: downgr, switch debug settings, update, play



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