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Thread: Rebug CFW 3.41.3, 3.55.2, OtherOS++ and 3.66 Version Spoofer

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    peshellas Guest
    if you dont know where to find the lv2 kenrel then you shouldn't be messing with this. its for DEVS or experienced enthusiasts not the average user. sorry bro, and before any one asks NO it will not lead to CFW3.6+ through loading a higher lv2 (not possible anyway) or any other way.

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    ssendy Guest
    so I found only here and there lv2_loader.pkg

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    kreus Guest
    i think there is no file with that name, you just ftp it to dev_flash root

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    Blade86 Guest
    Hi! 1st of all: BIG THX

    I have: Rebug 3.55 [Mode:Rebug, XMB:Retail] -> QA-flag + combo -> all settings to debug-> LV2Loader -> lv2_kernel.self -> Multiman 4.01 -> mm DEX update

    So far so good, but what now? Load a debug-eboot??

    Plz share infos


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    pinoytechno Guest
    wow! i like you setting bro

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    Apr 2005

    PS3 XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) v0.10 Homebrew App Arrives

    Following up on the previous updates, this weekend bitsbubba has released PS3 XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) v0.10 for PlayStation 3 homebrew fans.

    Download: PS3 XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) v0.10 / PS3 XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) v0.10 (German) and PS3 XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) v0.10 (German - Updated) by MO3 / PS3 XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) v0.10 (French) and Source Code (and Mirror 1 / Mirror 2) by XiorgON / PS3 XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) v0.10 (Extracted) by PsDev / XMB Manager Plus v0.10 4.00HFW / XMBM+ DevBlind Update for NFW v3 (Cobra USB) / XMBM+ DevBlind Fix Cobra CFW / XMB Manager Plus v0.10 4.10HFW by ps3hen / PS3 XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) v0.11 Beta 2 by andreus / XMBM+ v0.20 RC2 (English Original Theme) / XMBM+ v0.20 RC2 (PKG Source) / XMBM+ v0.20 RC2 (Black Theme) / XMBM+ v0.20 RC2 (Color Theme) / XMBM+ v0.20 RC2 (Original Theme) / XMBM+ v0.20 (English Language Pack) / XMBM+ v0.20 (French Language Pack) / XMBM+ v0.20 (Portuguese Language Pack) / XMBM+ v0.20 (Polish Language Pack) / XMBM+ v0.20 (German Language Pack) / XMBM+ v0.20 RC3 (Core Pack PKG) / XMBM+ v0.20 RC3 (Core Pack) / XMBM+ v0.20 RC3 (English Language Pack) / XMBM+ v0.20 RC3 (Black Theme Pack) / XMBM+ v0.20 RC4 (Core Pack PKG) / XMBM+ Package Toolkit v1.10 / XMBM+ v0.20 Entire Source Code by ps3hen

    More details on PlayStation 3 XMB modding are available on the PS3 Developer Wiki ( for those interested, and from the included ReadMe file:

    XMB Manager Plus v0.10

    XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) is a new XMB category based off of REBUG’s Package Manager, which is a modded version of the official (debug/Jailbreak)

    "Install Package Files" XMB option.

    This will replace the "Install Package Files" option or for REBUG CFW "Package Manager".

    XMB Manager Plus allows the entire PS3 filesystem to be browsed and/or deleted (all file types supported), We have added functions to REBUG's "Package Manager" and renamed it to Package Manager Plus, it consists of all previous features plus it now includes new "Homebrew Downloader" category that has options to download a selection of popular PS3 homebrew packages.

    We have also added a new "Game Data Manager" that contains all games data type tools, like saves, backups, etc. There are plenty more options also available in this new update, see the changelog below.

    Discussion and Support:

    Your feedback is always welcome.

    Main Features in XMBM+ v0.10

    Package Manager Plus

    Allows homebrew/packages to be easily downloaded, installed and deleted.

    File Manager Plus

    Browse and Delete files from all locations such as hdd, usb, etc.

    Game Data Manager

    Includes all the game data tools from main XMB plus some more additions. Things like Game data, Save data, Backups and trophys are contained here.

    Multi-Media Manager

    Browse, Copy, Rename and Play all your PS3's internal hdds media from one location. All options from the normal XMB categories are available in
    one new combined category.

    Web Links

    This section includes links to some popular websites for easier access.


    Contains XMBM+ info, links to PS3Crunch release thread, updater option, etc.

    Version History - Changelog

    • Complete new file and xmb layout, rebuilt from the ground up
    • New Package Manager Plus
    • New Homebrew downloader integrated into Package Manager Plus
    • New custom file manager (only for browsing and deleting files)
    • New Multi-Media Manager
    • Works from HDD and on USB (special version needed)
    • New icons and texts all around
    • New logo
    • New integrated update system for XMBM+ updates
    • Links to some popular websites added to a new category

    v0.02 to 0.09:
    • Ported to 4.00 HFW
    • Works on all 3.41 CFWs
    • Works on all 3.55 CFWs
    • Works now on retail XMB, and one for REBUG/debug XMB
    • PKG installer

    • Initial version (XMB File Manager) POC/WIP

    XMBM+ v0.10 Release Notes

    Tested so far on REBUG 3.55.2, OFW 3.55, Cobra CFW (requires additional dev_flash file), KMEAW 3.55, True Blue CFW, Hermes 3.41, etc. ps3hen has also ported XMBM+ to his 4.00HFW.

    Install Instructions

    1 - Copy the XMB_Manager_Plus_v0.10_flash.pkg and XMB_Manager_Plus_v0.10.pkg files to the root of your USB media.
    2 - Install XMB_Manager_Plus_v0.10.pkg file and XMB_Manager_Plus_v0.10_flash.pkg file.
    3 - Run the XMB Manager Plus installer (you can delete it afterwards).
    4 - Enjoy!

    NOTE: Follow the correct order or your "Install Package Files" (or "Package Manager") option will disappear and you'll have to reinstall dev_flash files or firmware.

    Uninstall Instructions

    1 - Download Rebug Package Manager pkg
    2 - Install Rebug Package Manager pkg file
    3 - Run the Rebug Package Manager installer (you can delete it afterwards)
    4 - Delete XMB Manager Plus in the XMB "Game Data" category

    NOTE: Follow the correct order or your "Install Package Files" (or "Package Manager") option will not appear and you'll have to reinstall dev_flash files or firmware.

    Update Instructions

    Just use the option "Update" in "About" section and then install the package.

    Team XMBM+

    andreus (coding), bitsbubba (coding, themes), DeViL303 (coding, POC) ps3Hen (coding, 4.00 port), Aldostools (coding), CloneD (themes), Berion (logos)

    Extra Special Thanks to...

    Cyberskunk & evilsperm (Team REBUG), graf_chokolo, fail0verflow, Geohot, Kakaroto, Hermes, jjolano, hi3, rms, kmeaw, flukes1, netkis, Xtse, glevend, gitbrew, Slynk, Mathieulh (and PSGoove Team), PSFreedom, Deank, JaiCrab, PS3Crunch, Tortuga Cove and anyone else that we have forgotten.


    PS3 XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) v0.10 (German - Updated) Changelog:
    • PS3 XMB is complete in German now (*Install Package = *Installiere Paket Dateien)
    • spelling corrections and punctuation
    • add missing icon in the multimedia manager
    • changes arrangement in package manager

    PS3 XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) v0.11 Beta 2 Changelog:

    In this beta version the main change is a new Development main item (will not be used in release version)

    What this does is create a Folder that has some items:

    1. My xcb tests: For easy making your tests without changing the rest of the strcture (SOURCES/XXXX/DEVELOPMENT/my_xcb_tests.xml). I included 9 tests just for example.
    2. XMB Database (HDD): Display all objects and it's fields in HDD XMB databse to check if they are used or not (SOURCES/XXXX/DEVELOPMENT/xmb_db_hdd.xml and SOURCES/XXXX/DEVELOPMENT/xmb_db_hdd_rest.xml)
    3. XMB Database (SYSTEM): Display all objects and it's fields in SYSTEM XMB databse to check if they are used or not (SOURCES/XXXX/DEVELOPMENT/xmb_db_system.xml and SOURCES/XXXX/DEVELOPMENT/xmb_db_system_rest.xml)

    Note 1: due to memory issues you can only have the complete HDD or SYSTEM XMB database displayed at a time. You can easy swap them in SOURCES/XXXX/DEVELOPMENT/development_main.xml
    Note 2: HDD table and SYSTEM table display different results since one queries hdd items and other removable and optical drives items (see

    The "Development" folder works on HDD or USB's without further changes. I allready made the path adaptations.

    Changelog from Beta 1:
    • Added 2 new CloneD realistic icons
    • [game_main.xml] Corrected icon in usb1
    • [game_main.xml] Corrected usb6 references
    • [game_main.xml] adaptations for new structure for "Development" folder
    • [SOURCES/XXXX/FEATURES/Game_Data_Manager.xml] new structure for managing and deleting trophies (can view an delete up to 5 users now)
    • [SOURCES/XXXX/DEVELOPMENT/*] new xmls for more easy testing XMB functions

    Some regards for the "Development" folder:
    • You will notice that many of the object fields will return a "There is no data" message. This means that none of the records in that object has that field populated, or, all have a null value. In summary, it means you can't use that object field for nothing!
    • If all the fields in an object have a "There is no data" message it means that that object as no records. In summary, it means you can't use that object for nothing!
    • If any object field retuned something (games, a moving circular arrows, etc) it means that object field has some value, you them can tests different layout/context options with the subclass parameter, or sort with the sort parameter or restrinct the returned value applying more conditions on it using other operators

    Good luck with the testing!

    Changes from RC2:
    • now is in Spanish and Polish
    • the game_settings.xml was riddled errors, so I rewrote it and everything attached to it (including the themeinfo.xml in the theme packs)

    After comparing the xml structure between the game_settings.xml and the others, I realized the steps I took to condense the game_settings.xml was only going to end in an unrecognizable mess, which was brought to my attention to me by our great graphics designer and tester CloneD. So now every thing should be fixed.

    Changes from RC3:
    • fixed two bad links in the game_settings.xml (thanks XiorgON)
    • reverted back to using 'info' instead of 'str_noitem' in game_settings.xml and themeinfo.xml
    • uses XiorgON's alternate translation of game_settings.xml

    As a goodie I created an apppack for switching Coldboots . It as 3 (OFW; Rebug and Rogero) but you can add the ones you want with an GD update (just see the package structure to understand how).

    Download: Coldboot AppPack

    Just install the pkg (if you have the XMBM+ installer already installed) and run the XMBM+ installer, 3 new options will be there.

    [imglink=|PS3 XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) v0.10 Homebrew App Arrives][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PS3 XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) v0.10 Homebrew App Arrives][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    niwakun Guest
    Waiting for REBUG team to port some of these features. I just can't install any non-official REBUG modification or else I get a partial-RSOD.

    Anyway, can anyone confirm if this works on 4.xx firmware like you can browse your dev_hdd0 contents via XMB?

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    bitsbubba Guest
    ps3hen has also ported XMBM+ to his 4.00HFW.
    it's up there

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    ps3hen Guest
    My 4.00HFW port is ready and can be downloaded here.

    The 4.00HFW version is tweaked to be appropriate for FW 4.00. Changes on the 3.55/3.41 version are as follows:

    1. The Homebrew downloader is removed (for obvious reasons)
    2. The some of the XMB items moved from the root of the Game category to the "Game Data Manager" have been removed from the "Game Data Manager"
    3. The updater has been modified for 4.00.

    4.00HFW XMBM+ Install Instructions

    1 - Copy the "XMB" directory to the root of your USB device.
    2 - Have the USB device plugged in the right most port of the PS3 (dev_usb000), when the PS3 is booting or while quiting an application(game, tv app, etc).
    3 - Enjoy!

    4.00HFW XMBM+ Update Instructions

    When the PS3 is connected to the internet, the second item in "About" subsection of the XMB will display the latest version of the XMBM+ available for download. To download the update, use the option "Update" item in "About" section. This will download the update to the USB. Then go to a computer and delete the original XMB folder from the root of your USB device and replace it with the one from the "".

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    catalinuxm Guest
    USELESS for most of us...

    Thx but no Thx...

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