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Thread: Rebug CFW 3.41.3, 3.55.2, OtherOS++ and 3.66 Version Spoofer

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    Nabnab Guest
    Hey Ezio, i just try to give you a big answer in private with different explanation but the pm are limited to few characters, don't worry i save all the private message or i cut in some part or i send you a txt file

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    HomebrewAnimal Guest
    Why not post your infos heres so all the great devs can help you work on it rather than being a secret with it?

    you say - The Appldr don't contain the Keys, the ps3 wiki say the appldr does contain the keys and so does Ezio confirm, why be quiet now? no secrets needed here?

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    SanctumSlayer Guest
    Nabnab, you sound like you're on to something! So that Devil guy is a hack?

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    Nabnab Guest
    1- Ezio ask me something that i can give him in private but is not a secret
    2- I give a big explain to cfwprophet about the process and the Appldr step
    3- PS3 Wiki is like wikipedia it can be untrue stuff, like it can be true (don't claim that PS3 wiki give all the important information about the PS3)
    4- I'm not quiet, i'm working, like i said have no secret in here and keep in mind that some devs are behind the actual dongles (why you think they want to give a wrong way)

    also why you think that the dongle need always a special cfw ? look like that nobody saw that, a dongle without a special cfw = useless (the special cfw -> support dongle and attribution access)

    5- some devs don't need to know that because they already know and also this is useless for a simple user, Ezio just confirm what some dev said not what really happen on the PS3 Process

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    HomebrewAnimal Guest
    ok, so we just believe it all because of the video showing vsh.self, you say you have played 3.60+ games on 3.55 without any eboot mods , show video of you playing batman or some other game if you want everyone to think you are on to something?

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    Nabnab Guest
    I don't care about DeViL, he can make a fake story or take all the credits, i just don't like how he lie, also come up with stuff that i show and explaining to cfwprophet about the hybrid/PS Vita support (he said it's easy when he don't know how to make a simple pkg) etc...
    he insult me and cfwprophet when we didn't insult him

    Just to give a help

    1-You can't edit a XML/Modified a RCO and expect that it would add the PS Vita support (you need to change the process and port the actually PS Vita driver from the latest firmware, you need also to add and modified the cert for the PS Vita support-> chain of trust)
    You can't add a new entry and expect that the Cell will interpret your task, add a call function in the XML, if you call a wrong function, the PS3 will crash or you will have some bug, also the PS3 XML is unstable and pretty strict to work good on it, use TinyXML or Xerces

    2- The VSH is one of the universal self of the PS3, it can be used on every PS3 older or latest firmware -> the VSH.self is the same one on every firmware, they didn't change that much this one, only update the fake sign related to the revision program and fix the algo execution
    patching the loader, actually is the Cell do the biggest work, the only guy i saw that he understand many things was Graf, have the piece of the puzzle

    3- Appldr don't include any keys, we need to stop with that, actuall what some people saw, it's a generate temporary key, the Appldr include a fake sign header (chain of trust related to the Cell process to generate a temporary key for the final execution)
    remember that the Appldr is a loader

    4- A person ask me to answer about the 4.0 Exploit from another site, it doesn't works, the reason, Sony change the cell process configuration and the structure of the file execution, the cell will not accept to read that style of partial code

    5- back on what i said recently, the information in here are related to the game/program developpement on the PS3 (the Cell = is the key)

    6- Oh yes somebody said that we can't call the CELL under XML, this is untrue, the XML Parser = C++, when you add a direction to your XML to call a specific path, files, etc = CELL system call (using the appropriate file execution)

    I don't show anything, i never show a video, the video showing vsh.self is a misunderstand from many website, i already give a explain how the vsh works, about the played 3.60+ on 3.55 i never said it was without eboot, i said that you game boot the 3.60+ games under 3.55 but have some unstability process because the execution is different.

    I never claim i was on something, i already said to cfwprophet i was working on something, this is different and who are you to judge me ? i don't need to show any proof, if you don't want to trust me, guess what i don't care, i'm not that interested to the PS3 Scene or any other Scene that claim always fake or don't know how to work together.

    And again i never claim that i would released any CFW or anything related, i said different stuff to the cfwprophet, you can ask him if you want but anyway it's funny that how many website related to the PS3 show different words of what the person said.

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    Apr 2005

    LV2 Loader PS3 Homebrew Application Arrives from Rebug Team

    Today the Rebug Team have made available a LV2 Loader PKG PS3 homebrew application for PlayStation 3 developers.

    Download: LV2 Loader PS3 Homebrew Application

    To quote: LV2 Loader is a tool for devs to allow the quick testing of modified lv2_kernel.self by launching it from the root of dev_flash without the risk of bricking the PS3 or need for a flasher if the new kernel does not work.

    The app will run on any 3.15, 3.41, 3.55 CEX or DEX firmware that has lv1 mmap and lv2 peek and poke patches. It also has udp_printf support which will return the offset of the lv2 boot path in lv1 and a little bit of info about what it is doing.

    It works by searching lv1 memory for the lv2_kernel.self boot path then modifying it to point to the root of dev_flash instead. After it finishes searching and patching the path LV2 Loader will reboot lv2 gameos without rebooting lv1.

    If the app has already been ran once and the user attempts to run it again before rebooting lv1 or the current lv2 kernel does not have peek and poke it will return you to the XMB.


    Using FTP or multiMAN/file manager place your modified lv2_kernel.self into the root of dev_flash on your PS3.


    1: Install lv2_loader.pkg
    2: Run LV2 Loader from XMB
    3: PS3 will beep and reboot. (If you do not hear a beep it has not worked)

    NOTE: As long as you do not reboot lv1 you can continue to use the new path and change the lv2_kernel.self each time if you wish.


    Q: Can LV2 Loader boot DEX lv2_kernel.self?
    A: YES. It will require your PS3 to be QA flagged. Don’t be fooled though. Just because you can boot the DEX lv2 kernel does not mean it will magically function like a DEX. For that to happen it will require more patching but this certainly makes the road easier to figuring it out.

    Q: Can LV2 Loader boot lv2_kernel.self from a higher firmware?
    A: In testing, booting a 3.56 lv2 kernel resigned for 3.55 worked without any problems. Keep in mind that amongst other things, the ps3 is still using the lower firmware’s appldr so there is no real advantage to doing this at the moment.

    Q: Can this brick my PS3?
    A: NO, NO, NO. The whole point of LV2 Loader is to prevent this from happening during your development of lv2 patches.

    Q: Isn’t the offset for the lv2 boot path the same for all PS3?
    A: NO. In testing on five different PS3 we came across seven dramaticly different offsets. Infact one of the PS3 at one stage or another in testing used four of the same offsets as the others and has now returned to the original offset from when we started.

    Q: How do I reboot the PS3 without rebooting lv1 hypervisor?
    A: Using glevend’s Reboot app will let you reboot the PS3 and maintain the modified lv2 boot path. As a bonus for REBUG users when changing modes with Rebug Selector the PS3 will reboot from the new path as well.

    Q: As a user of REBUG firmware, if I boot the DEX lv2 kernel does that mean I am running DEX firmware on a retail PS3?
    A: YES. REBUG uses the entire DEX firmware apart from 3 or 4 sprx (to allow QA flag support mainly) and uses the CEX lv2_kernel.self. Booting the DEX lv2_kernel.self will in effect, complete the set.


    ~ Codename: REBUG

    Credit and Thanks:

    As always to graf and glevend for the hypervisor work.
    Big thanks to Dean for the handy memory mapping tip and adding support for LV2 Loader into multiMAN at the last minute.

    [imglink=|LV2 Loader PS3 Homebrew Application Arrives from Rebug Team][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    pinoytechno Guest
    thanks for more info

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    ssendy Guest
    lv2_kernel.self where can I find?

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    landon Guest
    That's the question for 1 million $ ?! lol

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