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    i'm on ermac 4.30 1.04 don't know which version of it can i directly update from xmb to rex 4.30.1 ? or rex 4.21.2

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    Quote Originally Posted by zhaoyun123 View Post
    questions, from rebug 4.21.1 rex to 4.30.1 still safe to upgrade? as in straight from XMB or using the safe mode sequence?....
    Yes It's Safe to upgrade from XMB , you can disable the spoofing mode "Rebug mode" from Rebug toolbar to make XMB shown FW to be 4.21 , then upgrade the FW from XMB , finally enable back the spoofer to make your self appear on XMB to 4.31

    - Final result : from Toolbar the installed FW will be 4.30.1 while from XMB the installed version will shown to be 4.31 , as this is the latest current FW by Sony

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    finally!! an answer thx man ^^, and lastly, i don't need to reinstall the toolbox because it still the same version? so that to turn instead 4.30 shown, it will turn into firmware 4.31? ^^

    thank you very much ^^b

    EDIT: luckily i did first turn back from DEBUG to NORMAL before gonna upgrade phew ^^.

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    Hello guys... Can anyone help me? I just updated my slim ps3 from 3.55 kmeaw to rebug 4.30... I want to downgrade but it doesn't let me. It says data is corrupted. I downloaded the 999 downgrader more than 4 times and the md5 always matched... What can i do? is there any option i should check? I also tried to toggle qa through rebug utilities but it says not available... I'm stuck at Rebug 4.30 now... Help would be appreciated... thanks

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    rebug 4.21.2 HDD exchange utility

    Hey all i just got a new 2.5" WD HDD 500gb for my ps3. I am using the Debug HDD Exchange Utility from rebug. I just hooked the HDD up to the sata to usb without formatting it in fat32 or ntfs first. I went to the utility and it starts copying files. After a while when it gets done copying the files to the new HDD i put the new HDD in the ps3. It reads and than a message comes up about rebuilding data base and than there is an error and it says this drive needs reformatted would u like to and i click yes. I copy files again put it in and same error. Has anybody used the Debug HDD exchange utility with rebug? What am i doing wrong? :/

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    Guys, which version of Multiman the best for Rebug 4.21.2 Rex?

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    Hey I'm on the Rebug 4.30.1 CFW. How to enable the fake save data owner feature? Thanks

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    just go: setting>debug setting>fake save data owner

    in order if you dont have debug setting you should change your xmb type from toolbox

    to debug menu

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