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  1. #371
    Ninya Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    According to various reports including details from pauline45, MultiMAN 4.60.1, Showtime, XBMC, PS1iSO, PS2iSO and PS3iSO games are now working including PSPiSOs as follows:
    What that about XBMC ?

  2. #372
    boxbundy Guest
    Installed fine for me over habib 4.55 cobra 1.03 via xmb on 2002a

  3. #373
    misiozol Guest
    Can confirm installing it on CECHG01 it required downgrading to 3.55.

  4. #374
    bitsbubba Guest
    Joonie released a newer version, psp isos now working, for those who don't wanna change fw again my Unofficial REBUG Updater v4.53~ Cobra Edition is forthcoming with Joonie's latest changes + remote play patch.

  5. #375
    saaqi Guest
    which one should we use? 4.53 or 4.53.2U by joonie or 4.53.2U by Joonie finalized?

  6. #376
    bitsbubba Guest
    4.53.3U just released recently

  7. #377
    playerkp420 Guest
    Should use 4.53.3U that was just mentioned by bitsbubba. Spoof to 4.60 works, and other bugs were also fixed by Joonie. So I would say that version is way more completed than the original 4.53.1 that was leaked/released.

    I have been testing and seems everything is working. Except wireless controller sync problem with PS2 ISOs. But that is a minor bug. Just get a 10' USB cable, like I have.

    This looks to be the best CFW/MFW release since Kmeaw. Just my 2 cents.

  8. #378
    saito1234 Guest
    Can I install this if I have Rogero Cobra 4.46 right now?

    Or should I downgrade to OFW 3.55 first, and install it from there?

  9. #379
    lewisglen Guest
    Will CCAPI work on this version?

  10. #380
    saaqi Guest
    I have downloaded the 4.53.3U Can I install it over HABIB_4.55_v1.03_COBRA?

    My console is Slim PS3 CECH-2512B. Is it safe to install from XMB.

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