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Thread: Rebug 4.30.1, Rebug 4.21.2 / 3.55.4 PS3 CFW REX Editions Arrive

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    Unofficial Cobra / Rebug REX 4.46 v2 PS3 CFW by Tpryor is Released

    Following up on the previous release, today PlayStation 3 developer tpryor (aka haxxxen or ripl) made available an Unofficial Cobra / Rebug REX 4.46 v2 PS3 CFW build followed by Cobra / Rebug REX 4.46.3 (PSP Support Fixed) with details below.

    Download: (201 MB) / REBUG_4.46.1_REX_COBRA_PS3UPDAT.rar (Mirror) / (Changed source files for Rebug REX by tpryor) /

    Cobra / Rebug REX 4.46.2 MD5 Hash: fdc5692a414ff27bb77614391d4e6635
    Cobra / Rebug REX 4.46.3 MD5 Hash: e16f2dca53d6bbe3e0e5cc56974db87e

    To quote: As promised on hax, the new update to unofficial rex cobra. This is just a minor improvement to the already posted one, which now works with both different xmb versions, debug or retail xmb.

    So no matter which mode or xmb you choose, cobra patches will work (psp isos do not work with rebug). It has now two stage2 files, cause i wasn't able to make it fully working with a single stage2. (it seemed on first view to work, but it was only the spoofer and all other functions were screwed)

    Though, still no cobra functions with dex targetID/lv2kernel, cause i had problems with it and haven't looked into it anymore.

    This should be tested with flashers on nand PS3's first, cause i only have a nor cechl where it was tested. But tbh, i am confident that it will not do any harm, just like the first one.

    Unofficial COBRA - REBUG REX 4.46 CFW v2

    Unofficial Additions: (by tpryor)
    • FIXED (v2): Cobra patches works on both Debug & Retail XMB.
    • NEW FEATURE (v1): - COBRA 7 Ported

    REBUG REX 4.46 Features
    • FEATURE - Dual LV2 Kernels CEX/DEX (Swap your EID0/LV2 kernel using Rebug Toolbox in seconds)
    • FEATURE - ALL Retail functions available in CEX mode (No need to install different firmware)
    • FEATURE - ALL Debug functions available in DEX mode (No need to install different firmware)
    • FEATURE - ProDG Connectivity in DEX mode
    • FEATURE- QA Token compatibility
    • FEATURE - OtherOS++ support enabled (Use Rebug Toolbox to Boot OtherOS with different LV1 patches)
    • FEATURE - Package Manager (Replacement for the standard ‘Install Package Files’ option)
    • INCLUDED - Rebug Toolbox 02.xx.xx (Install included Rebug Toolbox or higher for full compatibility)
    • PATCHED - LV1: Disable System Integrity Check (Safe to use with mismatched COREOS/SYSCON versions or if PS3 is not QA enabled)
    • PATCHED - LV1: Undocumented function 114 (Allow mapping of protected memory)
    • PATCHED - LV1: Skip all ACL Checks (Needed to allow booting of OtherOS)
    • PATCHED - LV1: Peek and Poke support (Unused LV1 call 182 and 183)
    • PATCHED - LV2: Peek and Poke support (LV2 Syscall 6 and 7)
    • PATCHED - LV2: Peek and Poke support for LV1 (LV2 Syscall 8 and 9)
    • PATCHED - LV2: LV1 CALL System call (LV2 Syscall 10)
    • PATCHED - VSH: Allow Unsigned act.dat and *.rif files
    • PATCHED - VSH: Disable Unlinking/Deleting of act.dat
    • FUN FEATURE – Fake Save Data Owner (Use Game Saves from ANY Owner)
    • FUN FEATURE – Lock/Unlock Trophies
    • FUN FEATURE – Cinavia protection disabled

    Finally, from pauline45: To bring you up to date with Unofficial Cobra/Rebug Rex 4.46 v2 CFW i have installed this firmware in these slim PS3s below:
    • CECH-2001A - 120GB SLIM - WORKING
    • CECH-2003A - 12OGB SLIM - WORKING
    • CECH-2102A - 120GB SLIM - WORKING
    • CECH-2501A - 250GB SLIM - WORKING
    • CECH 2503A - 320GB SLIM - WORKING
    • CECH 2504B - 320GB SLIM - WORKING


    Unofficial Cobra/Rebug Rex 4.46 v2 CFW install in phat PS3s

    • CECHH phat - WORKING
    • CECHK phat - WORKING
    • CECHM phat - WORKING
    • CECHP phat - WORKING
    • CECHQ phat - WORKING
    • CECHJ phat - WORKING

    Unofficial Cobra/Rebug Rex 4.46 v2 CFW

    • CECHA phat - WORKING
    • CECHB phat - WORKING
    • CECHE phat - WORKING
    • CECHC phat - WORKING

    The firmware loaded in fine on recovery and xmb no bricking issues on any of these model PS3s.

    Unofficial COBRA - REBUG REX 4.46 CFW v3

    From toto67 (via I could make some tests and can confirm these cobra7 functions are working on my cecha12:
    • RedRibbon Linux via Toolbox
    • PSP ISOs via WebMAN/PSP Remaster
    • PS2 & PS3 ISOs via webMAN/multiMAN
    • PSX ISOS via IrisMAN 3.23+ (multiMAN doesn't work)
      if psx iso is quit by pressing ps button ps3 gives blackscreen + filesystem recovery at next start

    For my cecha12 it seems a good solution as i get complete rebug & full cobra features so i do not need rogero 4.46 cobra anymore. BIG THANX to tpryor aka haxxen alias ripl !!!

    [imglink=|Unofficial Cobra / Rebug REX 4.46 v2 PS3 CFW by Tpryor is Released][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    meheza Guest
    how to jailbreak ps3 slim OFW 4.31 please ?

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    misiozol Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by meheza View Post
    how to jailbreak ps3 slim OFW 4.31 please ?
    Well this not place for this question but there you go , all you need

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    drphuz Guest
    Q/A still doesn't work. I installed this and version 1 on a ps3 slim CECH-2001A. Glad I have a flasher.
    You will notice IMMEDIATELY with the loss of EDY from your menu.

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    ramey151 Guest
    anyone can tell me if I need to upgrade from habib cobra 4.53 I have now ?

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    wunderkind Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by drphuz View Post
    Q/A still doesn't work. I installed this and version 1 on a ps3 slim CECH-2001A. Glad I have a flasher.
    You will notice IMMEDIATELY with the loss of EDY from your menu.
    huh??? did you ever even notice, that qa debug menu never has worked on rebug because of debug files? guess not.

    i think it will work if you enable retail xmb, but don't shoot me on that. this is why rebug have included cex qa debug menu to be switched in toolbox.

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    misiozol Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ramey151 View Post
    anyone can tell me if I need to upgrade from habib cobra 4.53 I have now ?
    No , depending on your feeling as there is no need to update from 4.46 keys are same.

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    drphuz Guest
    No. no. no. qa is NOT toggled on this firmware via Rebug toolbox. I looked around and made sure before I opened my mouth. Install it and find out.

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    Rebug / Cobra v4.53.1 PS3 CFW and ToolBox v02.02.00 Surface

    Following up on the previous unofficial release, today a leaked Rebug / Cobra v4.53.1 PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) and ToolBox v02.02.00 have surfaced followed by Rebug / Cobra REX v4.53.2U and Rebug / Cobra REX v4.53.3U by joonie86 with details below.

    Download: PS3UPDAT_REBUG_453_COBRA.PUP (202.13 MB) / REBUG_TOOLBOX_02.02.00.pkg via playerkp420 / webftp_server.sprx (Preinstalled WebMAN Mod by Rebug) via Metion / Control FAN Utility 2.05 by aldostools / module.rar (VSH Self Properly Patched and Rebuilt) by tpryor / PS3UPDAT_REBUG_453_COBRA.PUP (202.1 MB) / REBUG_4.53.2U_REX_COBRA_BY_Joonie.PUP (211,938,721 bytes - Mirror) / REBUG_4.53.2U_REX_COBRA_BY_Joonie.PUP (Mirror #2) / REBUG_4.53.2U_REX_COBRA_BY_Joonie.PUP (202.1 MB - 211,938,736 bytes - Finalized) / 4.60_Spoofer_for_REBUG_4.53.1_Only_by_Joonie.rar (Spoofed Files on 4.53.1 Normal Mode, Replace Them via dev_rebug) / REBUG_4.53.3U_REX_COBRA_BY_Joonie.PUP (202.1 MB - 211,950,502) / FinalPS2EMU.rar / ps2_netemu.self (OFW 4.53 Original PS2NetEmu File) by Joonie86 / XMB Mod Manager (Rebug 4.53) by brunolee
    • Rebug / Cobra 4.53.1 MD5: c96b05146b22b8fbd4b1d89b82862b03
    • REBUG_4.53.2U_REX_COBRA_BY_Joonie.PUP MD5: 7061b0b15598350f4ba712b14a398c7b
    • REBUG_4.53.2U_REX_COBRA_BY_Joonie.PUP (Finalized) MD5: 72401a682d682498f100507e027af7e1
    • REBUG_4.53.3U_REX_COBRA_BY_Joonie.PUP MD5: ec1a09e122795d8c01c82839122e6e72

    According to various reports including details from pauline45, MultiMAN 4.60.1, Showtime, XBMC, PS1iSO, PS2iSO and PS3iSO games are now working including PSPiSOs as follows:

    Tested on a CECH-2003a running 3.55 CFW installed no problem on XMB and recovery. Also tried it on the 2503a that was on Habib 4.55 Cobra wouldn't install over it on XMB or recovery. I tried it on a CECHM03 running 3.55 installed no problem from XMB and recovery, so it won't install on on a higher firmware like 4.55 CFW or 4.60 CFW.

    Seems to running fine, so far installed IrisMAN and MultiMAN, playing games okay with IrisMAN, but on MultiMAN 4.60.1 black screen. I tried it on a 2504b running Habib 4.53 CFW wouldn't load from XMB data corrupt 8002F169, but I tried in recovery and it loaded on.

    So, confirmed working on CECH-2504b, CECH-2003a, and CECHM03 PS3, but got to be below 4.53 or a PS3 on 4.53 CFW. Won't install on 4.55 Habib or Rogero 4.55. Haxxxens Rebug installed over any firmware no problem.

    CECHP-phat NOR and CECHQ-phat NOR both working as testing also CECHC- phat NAND and CECHA - phat NAND also working. PS3s was running 3.20 OFW and 3.41 on the four of them, when I installed the CFW 4.53.1 Rebug / Cobra no bricks or freezing. More testing in process with homebrew and other apps.

    From BobbyBangin: This is said to be Rebug's official 4.53.1 Cobra firmware. I received this anonymously, so I cannot confirm this.

    The firmware is reported to have only one issue, which is the same issue that exists in Rebug 4.46 with Cobra on DEX mode. It'll mess up VSH and start going really slow until it freezes, with Cobra enabled while in DEX. Besides that, it works fine.

    You can use the toggles to turn Cobra off, to have working DEX mode. Then turn it back on when in CEX. This will not install over 4.55 or 4.60 CFW. You will need use Rogero's downgrader 3.7 to downgrade (355_Rogero_Downgrader_RSOD / 355_Rogero_Downgrader_RSOD - Mirror), before installing.

    • First CFW to include Cobra 7.0.1 features
    • Toolbox version 2.02.00 built in
    • Toggles for Cobra and WEBMAN
    • Rebug mode active in toolbox
    • Auto spoofs to 4.55
    • Working PS, PS2, PS3, PSP ISO's
    • In-Game Screenshot

    So far this has been tested and confirmed working on:
    • CECHA01
    • CECHB01
    • CECHC01
    • CECHH02
    • CECHJ01
    • CECHK02
    • CECHL01
    • CECHM03
    • CECHP01
    • CECHQ01
    • CECH-2001B
    • CECH-2002A
    • CECH-2003A
    • CECH-2003B
    • CECH-2004A
    • CECH-2004B
    • CECH-2102A
    • CECH-2102B
    • CECH-2103B
    • CECH-2104A
    • CECH-2104B
    • CECH-2501A
    • CECH-2501B
    • CECH-2502A
    • CECH 2503A
    • CECH 2503B
    • CECH-2504A
    • CECH 2504B

    There are currently more models in the testing process, BUT A DOWNGRADER IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED BEFORE INSTALLING! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

    From pauline45: Rebug 4.53.2u REX Cobra by joonie86 (linked above) as from now I've installed this in 2 slims CECH-2003B and CECH-2504B and 1 phat NAND CECHC and a phat CECHM NOR models firmware is running fine with MultiMAN, showtime and playing PS3iSOs and PS1iSOs and PS2iSOs to with IrisMAN installed and also logged into PSN with 4.60 spoofer no problem, played GTA for 1 hour and also cod ghosts no problems.. all settings in this Rebug working perfect no softbrick on bricking issues.

    Also boots up fine XMB if installing use Rogero downgrader to 3.55 and then put on USB stick 3.55 OFW and then install Rebug also this will not install over Habibs 4.55 or Rogero 4.55 so you need to downgrade to 3.55 to install it always make sure you are flagged so you can go up and down CFW without the rick of bricking issues and its always handy to have a flasher handy when checking out firmware. Thanks to joonie86 for the updates on this, as joonie86 posted me:

    Just let you know I found one problem: PS2 ISO is working fine in general on both NORMAL/REBUG mode, however, only certain condition, it has an issue with PS2 Emu.

    "CEX/Retail XMB Menu" with PS2 ISO combination will give you shutdown, but DEBUG CEX/DEX XMB Menu with PS2 ISO work fine on any condition on both CEX / DEX LV2 Kernels. So this is already good enough.

    I may want to fix that little issue later, but this is what I have found so far. This should be the FINAL test version that has NO PROBLEM at all.

    Updated Features:

    1. newest webman mod 1.30.18 integrated
    2. 4.60 Spoof supported via REBUG mode on both CEX/DEX + CEX/Retail XMB
    3. PS2/PSP EMU also work fine on both CEX/DEX with 4.60 Spoofed

    *RSOD BYPASS is also already applied by Team Rebug, just let you know.

    From Joonie86: This FW has missing stage2 for PS2 EMU..
    • ps2gxemu_stage2.bin
    • ps2hwemu_stage2.bin

    Normally Cobra FW has 7 files for its complete function while this 4.53 REB+COBRA has only 5+ 1 extra stage2 for DEX kernel.
    • 24aff00b3be561ce17a7c2584dcd99d5 stage2.cex 90.0 KB (92,144)
    • c6f07f9600abcaa002b240c5b8fd6e4d stage2.dex 90.0 KB (92,144)

    Can you verify if this FW can load PS2 EMU? I also noticed that this Stage2 is larger than previous Cobra ones, interesting.. I was able to install it over Habib 4.55 Cobra 1.03 on XMB.

    REBUG_4.53.2U_REX_COBRA_BY_Joonie.PUP (Finalized)

    1. Newest webman mod 1.30.18 integrated [previously had 1.30.8 by mistake] this one supports Fan controller on 4.53 DEX mode.
    2. 4.60 Spoof supported via REBUG mode on both CEX/DEX + CEX/Retail XMB.
    3. PS2/PSP EMU also work fine on both CEX/DEX with 4.60 Spoofed on both CEX/DEX's Debug XMB.
    • PS2 Emu on CEX/Retail XMB on both CEX/DEX would shutdown after 3 beeps, this is the same as the original leaked version, I'm not quite sure if Team Rebug couldn't or didn't fix.
    • PS2 Emu on BC Consoles are not confirmed 100% yet, but no one seems to claim any issue, let me know if anyone tests, if there is any issue, I could do the same thing that Smhabib did with his 4.53 Cobra.
    • RSOD BYPASS / InGame Screenshot also applied (this isn't done by me but it's unusual because Team Rebug has never done this with their FW)


    If you installed 4.53.2U PSP won't work, as I am fixing the issue right now and I think I found the reason currently up testing. I really hate updating in short period but this is really bugging me, sorry for those people who's involved with this PUP, please understand this is just for completion of all.

    jarmster, can you test my 4.53.3U again this includes new webman and psp fix.

    Update: PSP issue fixed. The CFW should have all working functions now. Enjoy!

    1. Newest webMAN MOD by [email protected] and aldostools 1.30.18 integrated. This one supports Fan controller on 4.53 DEX mode
    2. 4.60 Spoof supported via REBUG mode on both CEX/DEX + CEX/Retail XMB
    3. PS2/PSP EMU also work fine on both CEX/DEX with 4.60 Spoofed on both CEX/DEX's Debug XMB
    • PS2 Emu on CEX/Retail XMB on both CEX/DEX would shutdown after 3 beeps, this is the same as the original leaked version. I'm not quite sure if Team Rebug couldn't or didn't fix.
    • PS2 Emu on BC Consoles are not confirmed 100% yet, but no one seems to claim any issue, let me know if anyone tests,
      if there is any issue, I could do the same thing that Smhabib did with his 4.53 Cobra.

    Things I used to make this possible:
    • Self Rebuilder from PUAD and its keyfiles
    • Some Hex editors: HxD, Beyond Compare 3, 64 bit hash calculator source from COBRA 7 Source from previous Cobra USB Developer, bitsbubba 's 4.60 Spoofer for reference and haxxxen 's advice

    And I not only fixed stage2.cex but also stage2.dex. Hopefully this information will be useful for many people who want to work on further improved release.

    From playerkp420: The Rebug Toolbox is in Package Manager > Install Packages > PS3 Hard Disk or if using file manager it is at dev_flash/rebug/packages. Just like all the other Rebug CFWs.

    From kokotonix: Be careful ! Current psnpatch version was released BEFORE Rebug Cobra release. PSNPatch changes to stage2.bin consider the existence of habit offsets, not Rebug.

    The 4.60 spoof, changes Vsh.self for one that it is not recognized by Rebug Cobra stage1 and will surely make a soft brick ! (You'll need to go into recovery or even swap had to recover) - or if you're in CEX mode, it will swap DEX VSH, and that's why it seems to be doing nothing.

    KW already has made some changes in PSNPatch to support Rebug, but it is still in testing phase. As he is in holidays, you shouldn't have anything before the 3rd week of August. You can still use PSNPatch to disable CFW and spoof idps, but not to install contra stealth extensions or 4.60 version spoofing.

    From haxxxen: I have looked at all of the system update packages now, but it seems they do not contain any debug flags like the others, so there is no way to patch them to debug. Maybe they are only encrypted with a debug key if this really exist.

    Update #2: From Joonie86: I have an upcoming final release candidate of new REBUG mod, this is a release candidate of my final build and I am no longer building any more newer build after this. I am mainly looking for BETA testers who own either BC/Semi BC Consoles and Debug kit [DEX] consoles.

    Here is the list of issues of Rebug Cobra 4.53.1:

    [Fixed in v4]

    1. Broken PSN access due to its spoof was outdated [v4.55]
    2. PS2 ISO compatibility for Backward Compatibility / Semi-BC consoles
    3. Broken PS2 EMU with CEX/Retail XMB [wrong hash in stage2]
    4. Installation issue with recovery mode [no applicable update data was found]

    [Not Fixed]

    5. Soft brick when switching REBUG mode or DEX [when QA Flag is disabled]
    6. 8001003 error with sprx_iso.sprx when mounting ISO games with Iris Manager [when Cobra is enabled
    7. broken wireless controller connectivity when playing PS2 games
    8. Higher temperature due to heavy usage of LV2 memory that could cause fan noises when using webMAN or IrisMAN, but this can be fixed with Disability of Cobra]

    *Cobra 7/7.01 dynamically patches following files this cause heavy usage of system memory
    Almost all CFW patch the following files statically:
    COBRA dynamically patches those and also:
    I fixed those issues from 1 to 4. and also added more features that is quite useful but unfortunately those issues that are marked with red color can not be fixed, although I think this is still good enough for most Rebug users.

    Here is the list of new added features of 4.53.1 REBUG COBRA (mod by Joonie) v4 REX / D-REX Edition

    1. PSN support is added with proper built-in firmware version spoofer [v4.65 [Currently optional update]] this requires installation of REBUG TOOLBOX 2.02.00 and this come with firmware you can locate this via Package manager.
    2. Improved PS2 ISO compatibility, added support for both BC / Semi BC consoles, however there is a little glitch bug that is tolerable, when pressing PS button while playing PS2 games, its menu won't show up, so when you quit game, you have to press power button to quit games.
    non-BC consoles do not have this problem, however it still requires wired connectivity with controller pads. If you are all about PS2 gaming, then I strongly suggest using any 4.46 Cobra CFW build such as Rogero/Cobra , Habib/Cobra, unofficial REBUG/COBRA and etc..

    One more thing to remind you all: Non BC consoles rely on using ps2netemu file [software PS2 emulation] and ps2netemu does NOT support optical PS2 discs. Here is the quote from the official release note of Cobra 7.00 source:

    "However, there is no support for optical discs in ps2_netemu. Don't forget to set the memory cards in XMB, in the old memory card utility for PS/PS2, as ps2_netemu won't let you assign them in game.
    BC consoles will still use their respective emulators (ps2_emu, ps2_gxemu), which have much better compatibility and also support optical discs, original or backup."

    3. Updated webMAN integration, [webMAN MOD v1.30.22 by aldostools and Matsumot0 this fully supports DEX mode, you won't have any problem with CFW syscall removal and fan controller, many thanks to these two people and deank for his original source code
    4. Patched UPL.xml to allow installation on PS3 with broken blu-ray drive and broken bluetooth board.
    5. Patched premo_plugin.sprx and premo_game_plugin.sprx to enhance compatibility for Remote play with PC, more information
    6. Fixed the annoying issue with installation on Recovery mode, now it does not fail to install anymore. No more "no applicable update data was found"

    Removed all that "dirty" files to make this cfw as Rebug-gy as possible. List of Removed dirty work - Big thanks to haxxxen who is a TRUE fanboy of Team Rebug:

    1. dev_flash3_024.tar.aa.2013_11_26_064913.spkg_hdr.1
    2. libgcm_sys.sprx.dex [This is not needed at all because on DEX mode you can not watch any DVD / BD contents]
    3. removed the wrong hashes in stage2 and the new 64bit hashes are properly added with properly resigned vsh files

    Plus, if you disable Cobra on REBUG TOOLBOX, This fixes all possible incompatibility with homebrews and games. ex) Amazon Instant Video, CCAPI and so on. This is really cool.

    So far these have been tested on CECH-2001B , CECH-2505B CECH-2505A, Unless I get proper deep testing, I don't think I'm going to ever release them.

    Currently looking for testers who have real DEBUG kits and BC/Semi-BC consoles.

    I am pretty sure this will not brick because CoreOS has never been touched [except for D-REX, D-REX requires swap of lv2kernel between CEX/DEX] and there has been no hard brick reports for a month [Soft-brick was not counted because it is fixable with re-installation of firmware].

    This time I need to test all proper functions to ensure the quality of completion. Things that are in need of test:

    1. PSX ISO
    2. PS2 ISO
    3. PS3 ISO
    4. PSP ISO
    5. BD/DVD ISO
    7. Remote Play with PC [I was able to confirm some PS3 games were working fine with PC but it was quite laggy]
    8. Soft brick possibilities with QA FLAG's Disability [I have not attempted to fix it]
    9. REBUG mode, XMB menu switch [confirmed on NOR models]
    10. Installation on Recovery [confirmed on NOR models]
    11. Installation without BD-Logic board
    12. Installation on RSOD machine [which is confirmed]
    13. Installation on real DEBUG kits [D-REX or REX on DEX2CEX consoles] and etc.
    14. PSN/SEN accessibility with 4.65 Spoof

    Finally, from evilsperm: REX and DREX MD5's - 4.53.1 UNRELEASED
    • REX- 80b4741a2b33ebdbf0d1539c3457cf5e
    • DREX- a27f8e495290937118552672bed8cf43

    [imglink=|Rebug / Cobra v4.53.1 PS3 CFW and ToolBox v02.02.00 Surface][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Rebug / Cobra v4.53.1 PS3 CFW and ToolBox v02.02.00 Surface][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    fl0PPsy Guest
    Multiman 4.60.1??? I've been looking out for an update to the black screen issue. Anyone have a link to this?

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