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Closed Thread
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    Sr. Member drphuz's Avatar
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    Jan 2011

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    I love it. Runs great on my slim 120g I use for testing.

    tested the Habib 4.55 1.03 mod and discless with iris and mMcM is sketchy
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    Member saaqi's Avatar
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    May 2011

    Can I install over Habib 4.55 Cobra V1.03 from XMB?

  3. #343
    i have a couple of questions:

    - from what i understand this firmware will always play games discless. isn't that dangerous when playing online? because i heard sony can detect games being played discless.
    * is it still possible to load and play games through a disc?

    - does "remote play patch" mean, that games become more compatible like being able to play AC4 on the psvita through remote play? (because AC4 now gives me a black screen, haven't installed the FW yet)

    - can you really play all psp games? for example dbz tenkaichi tag team, naruto shippuden impact)

    - can i play (ps3,ps2,psp) games of a ntfs external hdd?

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    Moderator PS4 News's Avatar
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    Apr 2005

    Unofficial Rebug Updater (AIO) v3.00 Arrives, Adds PS3 4.60 Spoof

    Following up on the previous update and Cobra Edition, today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer bitsbubba made available Unofficial Rebug Updater (AIO) v3.00 PKG with the changes detailed below.

    Download: Unofficial REBUG Updater (AIO) v3.00.pkg / Unofficial REBUG Updater (AIO) v3.00.pkg (Mirror) / Unofficial REBUG Updater (AIO) v3.00.pkg (Mirror #2)

    To quote: Unofficial REBUG Updater (AIO) v3.00
    • Both REX & LITE editions 4.46.1
    • Spoof 4.60
    • Rename PlayStation Network (in both XMB & PSN sign in screen)
    • Rename PS3 HDD to System Storage (Package Manager)
    • Habib's partial Cinavia patch for BD
    • InGame ScreenShot

    Tested Models by atreyu187:
    • CECHL-01A
    • CECH-2501

    Unofficial Rebug Updater (AIO) v3.00 Arrives, Adds PS3 4.60 Spoof

    More PlayStation 3 News...

  5. #345
    Gladly appreciate the update as always.

    Is it better to restore backup first or is it just the same updating directly from lower version of updater?

  6. #346
    Does this mean I don't need 455FERROX201noBDrv.PUP to play PSN games needing 4.50 or higher?

    I am currently on Rebug 4.46 CFW, would like to play newer games needing 4.50 or higher, like Child of Light recently downloaded, cracked, it's asking 4.50 fw or higher, but of course I'm 4.46.

    Thanks as always!

  7. #347
    So is this for the cobra rex version or not? I'm assuming not but the intro states "Following up on the previous update and Cobra Edition" and there's too many pages to read through.

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    Contributor m461k's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jun 2014

    Can I install bd-enabled fw directly on this non bd-enabled?

    Ok, worked on my console, but trying to play psp game caused YLOD
    Last edited by m461k; 07-08-2014 at 03:24 PM Reason: Automerged Doublepost

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    Contributor euli's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jul 2014

    this is nice wallpapper... thats why i need to learn how to jaulbreak ps3...

  10. #350
    Hello all and thank you for a Cobra version of Rebug

    I want to say that the two versions "BD & no-BD" are functional CECH-2004B on by cons you know or find a 4.60 spoof for cfw because the last sen enabler allows me to connect to psn ​​but I loses "debug setting" so over "fake save data owner": (

    thank you for reading me and excuse me for my bad english


Closed Thread

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