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    Yes, I have had this problem happen in the past, I had a thread on this forum.

    I do not want to format my HDD as I will lose my save data. I was hoping there would be a solution that doesn't involve the HDD being formatted. Furthermore, my case is unique as the error appears around 12% in the update process whereas normal bluray problems occur after 60%+.

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    Make backup of your data , simple

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    Thank you for the very helpful and thoughtful reply.

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    Mustafa Star Releases Arabic Language for Rebug 4.46 PS3 CFW

    HI All, i finished to day arabic lang for PS3 CFW REBUG 4.46. This APPS include:

    1. Translate *Package Manager*.
    2. Translate *Trophy notification*.
    3. Translate with new FONT.
    4. Add new wave.
    5. Add new coldboot.
    6. Change XMB Sounds.
    7. Change Health Warning.
    8. Change Gameboot.
    9. Install special theme.

    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Anybody finding 4.46 rex/drex isn't as compatible as 4.41 was?

    Rebug 4.46 lite is more compatible with Iris and MM then the rex/drex editions.
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    I'm having a lot of troubles with REX 4.46.1 i get an error 80028f17 every time i tried to load a PS1 game from the psn

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    Most likely because Rebug isnt as active as they were, if they were, there would probably be a Rebug 4.46.3 or 4.46.8 by now lol. They would only do that if Rebug has a Big Issue like semi bricks or something.

    If they havent even created a spoofer for their most compatible 4.30.2 CFW, goes to show how busy with life / inactive they are.

    It is expected when the latest Firmware / CFW is released.
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    seriously, they dont even bother to update the firmware because there's no reason to, if there are any bugs or serious problems then expect them to release it after a month but since there are none, so no reason to update things.

    also if you want a update, there's one I think they already had update for 4.20/4.30 REX firmwares that had the latest toolbox and spoofer.

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    Yeah they did release a spoofer but only up to 4.41, not 4.46... But yeah, Thats how Rebug has always been, if its a small issue (In their eyes) they wont bother releasing anything new, but also i reckon it comes down to how active they are in the ps3 scene also. They are probably working on other things also.

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    final fight double impact can work in this FW?

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