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    Senior Member StevenTj's Avatar
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    On rebug, QA flag is enabled by default. (if you don't change it) Upgrade with same version of Dev is Fine.

    I tried it myself , REX to Lite

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    Does anyone know of a working fan utility pkg for this firmware?

    Also i'm having problems with multiman and bd emulator i have no option for one i have none or unavailable i'm using rebug 4.46 rex any ideas please.

    can the lite version be installed over the 4.46 1 rex version?
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    Use ps3ita or iris manager. CFW works if you load the game first from mM to XMB.

    Lite can be installed over the rex.

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    I know Multiman works on REX 4.46, I did have my PS3 with 4.46 REX and Multiman 4.46.01

    Also it is available with 4.46 CFW you just need to dig a little on news at main page.

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    Guys I've found out how to play Splinter Cell Blacklist discless on PS3's with broke BD drive. I'm on Rebug 4.46-lite CFW, installed Iris Manager v2.35 (doesnt work with mulitman) and you need a USB drive in your console.

    Now what I did was open Iris Manager and press START to open the 'Global Options', then go to 'Tools' and select where it says 'With/without BDVD Controller' and choose 'Disc-Less payload'. Iris Manager will now exit, so boot it up again. Highlight Splinter Cell Blacklist and press SELECT to enter 'Game Options' and choose 'Config. Game', now do the following settings:

    - Requires Disc = YES
    - Direct Boot = NO
    - Extern Boot.bin = NO
    - BD Emu = MOUNT BDVD
    - Ext/dev_hdd0/game = OFF

    Then choose save config, go back and select the game with X, you'll go back to the XMB and the game disc icon will appear with Splinter Cell Blacklist, just boot that and it should be working.. it also works with payday 2 another game i was struggling to get working discless hope it helps some people out

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    thx for the info

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    ah you have to be a v.i.p for you to download the jailbreak 4.46 for your ps3

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    There is no Jailbreak 4.46...

    There is however CFW 4.46 for PS3 if you already have a jailbroken PS3.

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    PS3 Error 8002F14E when installing Rebug 4.46.1 help?

    My PS3 is running rebug 4.30 and I wanted to upgrade to 4.46.1 so I downloaded the REX edition from the rebug website and put it on my USB drive. I plugged the USB drive into my PS3 and tried upgrading through the XMB. At around 12% in the update an error appears on the screen: 8002F14E

    I don't understand why this is happening. The error is supposed to mean the bluray drive is broken, but mine is not.

    I also had the QA toggle enabled before I upgraded.

    What can I do to fix this problem?

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