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    Jan 2013
    2 questions:

    1- which one is better: rogero 4.30, rebug 4.30 or 4.21.2?
    2- i have rogero 4.30 v2.03. can i upgrade to rebug 4.30 from xmb?

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    Oct 2012
    Rebug have more function than rogero..

    You need to downgrade first use 999 downgrader.. after that update rebug 4.30 with xmb menu

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    Hi guys. I just installed rebug 3.55.4 and wanted to activate toggleQA to update to rebug4.30 so i can play online, can anyone explain how to do that pls?

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    I am on Rogero 4.30 2.03. I need to downgrade it, yes? After that, I need to install the Rebug 4.30.1 or first the 3.50 and then the 4.30.1?


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    Oct 2012
    Go to rebug tool box.. and enable it

    Rebug toolbox.. utility.. enable toggle QA

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    Ty i didn't had that installed lol... But now I'm on 4.30 and when I try to launch a backup from multimann the ps3 just shutdown

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    I play some backup games with 4.30 no problem here it's not the CFW, there are some issue with the latest 4.17.05 multiman

    I use the 4.17.00

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    Your Backups in external or internal HDD?

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    Updated from 4.21.1. Rex to 4.30.1 (no downgrade). Everything went fine. Only issue is deank's Lastgame.pkg has stopped working for me. Anyone else experiencing this?

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    So which is better REBUG? the 4.30.1 or the 4.21.2 REX?? cause i'm still in 4.21.1 REX right now... and what are the nice functions between those two?....

Closed Thread
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