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Thread: Rebug 4.30.1, Rebug 4.21.2 / 3.55.4 PS3 CFW REX Editions Arrive

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    chiselfreak Guest
    ok i bit the bullet and installed REBUG 4.46.1 REX EDITION and latest multiman but not one of my backups will work seems as though bd redirection is not working. anyone have any ideas on how to fix this. cheers in advance

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    miandad Guest
    can i install rebug 4.46 rex on 4.30 rex?

    should i downgrade it to 3.55 ?

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    elser1 Guest
    mind sharing a link to the latest multiman please mate. i've be trying for days but can't find it. a MEDIAFIRE link that is. i can't stand any other file sharing host.

    Quote Originally Posted by miandad View Post
    can i install rebug 4.46 rex on 4.30 rex?

    should i downgrade it to 3.55 ?
    you could downgrade to 3.55 and make sure your QA is on but there is no reason you cant install 4.46 over 4.30 as far as i know. just go back and read the instructions and details etc a few pages back to be 100% confident mate. good luck and enjoy!

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    dogggg Guest
    got it! thx for the tips

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    JustPs3 Guest
    how can i run backup games that need BD MIRROR in mm? on rebug cfw..

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    chiselfreak Guest
    latest multiman did not work for me with new rebug so now am running iris manager and all is good. you will just have to rename your GAMES folder to GAMEZ. hope this helps

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    predprey Guest
    can the d-rex version be installed on a cex ps3 also or only on a dex one?

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    StevenTj Guest
    D-Rex installable on Dex machine
    Rex installable on Cex machine

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    miandad Guest
    i installed rex.4.46.01 multiman not working well.. now i want to install REBUG_4.46.1_LITE. if i install REBUG_4.46.1_LITE edition does it have qa built in enable or manually enable it.?

    my 2nd question is can i use rebug downgrader on rebug 4.46 lite edition without qa enable or any other cfw firmware ?

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    Vorlone Guest
    Hy miandad,

    if you do not know if qa is enabled, then you can use the 999Downgrader from Team Rebug.

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