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  1. #271
    dyceast Guest
    Apparently Multiman has quite a few bugs in 4.46 so others are reporting.

  2. #272
    chiselfreak Guest
    sounds nice. might just hold off for a little bit though.

  3. #273
    ariark Guest
    hi ... so just to confirm meaning im now using REBUG_4.21.2_REX so i can direct upgrade to REBUG 4.46.1 REX EDITION... with Toggle_QA... am i right...

  4. #274
    StevenTj Guest

  5. #275
    msteffes Guest
    i can't wait

  6. #276
    dogggg Guest
    one tiny question... what is the difference between : REX EDITION & LITE EDITION and thanks ReBUG Team

  7. #277
    StevenTj Guest
    Read The feature

  8. #278
    kalberto Guest
    HELP !!! my fat PS3 error after install from Rogero 4.46.1 to REBUG 4.46.1 LITE EDITION.

    it said an error occured during the update operation. contact technical support for assistance (8002F1F9).

    install stop at 65% what is happening ? should I get the wrong step ?

  9. #279
    Taufik Guest
    Sorry, from my experience, reinstall the system recovery try downgrade. If you can not do format hardisc ps3 on your pc, continue to update and reinstall the latest rebug CFW.


  10. #280
    kalberto Guest
    I fixed my fat PS3, by using safe mode - system update with FD, install Rogero 4.46.1 again, now it's normal again, and then I tried to downgrade with Rogero Downgrade back to 3.55, then install Rebug 4.46.1 Lite, and now, it was working and running.

    taufik, thanks.

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