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  1. #221
    dyceast Guest
    It says... This will get you onto PSN, but beware "Be aware that PS3 Firmware 4.46 uses a new CERT and this spoofer still has the old cert. As it is not risky enough going online with CFW, loading invalid data as a spoof is an even higher ban risk!"

    If you did not understand, it means it uses an old cert possibly from 4.41. So you probably poke out like a sore thumb to sony going online ATM.

  2. #222
    Gunja Guest
    Hey guys! I want to upgrade my hardrive in my ps3 CFW 4.3 REBUG. Do I have to downgrade to do this? And how? (if I do)

  3. #223
    niwakun Guest
    Use "Debug for HDD Exchange Utility" to clone/transfer your current files to your new HDD without loosing any of your saves and files. But your new hard drive needs to be inserted to a USB to SATA adapter to transfer the data to your new HDD.

  4. #224
    StanSmith Guest
    Does that work? Last time I updated my HDD I did the network transfer and it worked but took about 10 hours.

    And will this way keep all your homebrew and hacked games?

  5. #225
    niwakun Guest
    its a 1:1 backup copy so anything that your hdd0 contains will be copied over the new drive.

    also mine didnt took that long, copied a 207gigs of data over USB took 1-2hours long (over 400mbit/s transfer speed maybe)

  6. #226
    Daveyshamble501 Guest
    what about us mofo's on 3.55 ?

  7. #227
    PS 4 Guest
    new spoof from sgk with new cert (ps3teamsgk.wordpress.com/2013/06/27/spoof-4-46-psn-pour-cfw-4-41-by-teamsgk/)

    Spoof 4.46 psn + v2 certificate for CFW 4.41 4.40 4.31 (4.30 4.21 Rebug) By TeamSGK

    hi to all my voilla spoofv2 4.46 with access psn and adding the new certificate for the psn connection and avoids a minimum ban! pkg and is almost all 4.41.05 cfw cfw 4.41 Rebug and Rogero and also Rebug cfw 4.30 4.21 + 4.31 and the 4.40 cfw! voilla good games at all and principally made good lines

    INFO on Rebug cfw and SGK return to normal mode before installing the pkg

    NEW V2 PKG links 1: http://letitbit.net/download/70410.7...4.31_.pkg.html

    Spoof 4.46 cfw 4.41.05 SGK Rebug 4.21 and 4.30 + 4.41 cfw 4.40 and 4.31 and compatible BO2

    NEW V2 PKG links 2: http://www.mediafire.com/download/a9...4.40-4.31_.pkg

    Spoof 4.46 cfw 4.41.05 SGK Rebug 4.21 and 4.30 + 4.41 cfw 4.40 and 4.31 and compatible BO2

  8. #228
    DMagic1 Guest
    Seems they have updated their spoof to v2 to include the 4.46 certs.

  9. #229
    tommasi Guest
    I'm running REBUG_4.30.2_D-REX_PS3UPDAT and i cant run my pre installed games anymore. tried to install new pkg it will install fine but i cant install fix.pkg

    can anyone help please?

  10. #230
    jesse1411 Guest
    i mean with new cert will it work? please tell me i'm desperate to go online!!

    i don't wanna get banned! i've only used rebug's spoofers idk about team SGK

    i'm on rogero v4.30

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