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    Azrial Guest
    You can put it on an external, you just need to use something like PS3splitter to split the 10GB file into smaller files, so you can FTP it over, MultiMan will convert it back into a big file again when you run the game, but on an external it will still install the 10GB file on your internal drive, and the loading of the game can take an horrendous hit.

    Personally I'd download the 25GB rip version of the game that is available which has the extra languages and MP mode removed, and put that on your internal drive.

    You can put it in either folder, MultiMan will still load it. By all mean upgrade your internal drive, a nice 1TB should keep you clear for a while, it's dead easy to do, any 2.5" laptop drive will work, it even tells you in the PS3 manual how to do it.

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    sparker781 Guest
    Okay I got PS3splitter installed... What file do I look for to split?

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    pumpkinslayer Guest
    ok i am an absolute amateur to ps3 cfw, i have only used cfw on my psp, can everyone please explain to me what the main features if cfw 3.55 kmeaw or rogero ? and do i have to use specific a specific version of the files that come with the cfw ? like a specific version of multiman ? please explain as much as you can to me, will be much appreciated

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    ryohayabusa Guest

    PS3 rebug 4.30.2 cex bricked after installing rebug update package 0.2 4.30

    Hi everyone. I hope someone is able to help me here, because i don't understand what went wrong. I was running Rebug 4.30.2 cex edition and decided to install the update package spoofer in order to go the psn store.

    However after i was trying to install it , my ps3 crashed and when i booted it again i got the red screen of death... i tried to restore it from the recovery menu but when i got to system update, my ps3 crashes and doesn't let me proceed...

    Is there ANYTHING i can do? maybe with a flasher or something like that? Again i don't really understand what went wrong.

    Thanks to anyone who will be able to give me a hand


  5. #205
    afzoo3news Guest
    Hmm. There's a slim chance I might be able to help you. But only if you have a PS3 Slim, or a NOR FAT. To try it, you will also need to be able to run the linux 'dd' command on your PC, and a USB-SATA enclosure, or something similar to connect your PS3's HDD to your PC. Otherwise if no, then can't help.

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    dyceast Guest
    Can you access recovery again?

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    Hawkspleen Guest

    Switch from Rogero 4.41 to Rebug 4.41.2 LITE

    Hi all,

    Just an informational update for anyone who wants to try it. After the last update to Rogero 4.41 from 4.40 V1.03 I found some stability issues with Multiman 4.40. Whether they were from the CFW or the Multiman revision I wasn't too sure but that combined with the statement from Rogero that he may not have time to carry on development made me decide to try Rebug.

    After reading what I could about the upgrade path (I couldn't find Rogero 4.41 info specifically but theoretically it should work) I took the plunge and upgraded directly from XMB to Rebug 4.41.2 LITE. Everything still seems to work and so far is stable. Multiman 4.40 seems a little happier although sometimes copying a game from USB to HDD still aborts, but multiple attempts seems to work in the end.


  8. #208
    bananamelon Guest
    Hi! I hope there's somebody out there who can help me.

    My Setup: PS3 Slim plus 1TB 3.5 Hitachi HDD hooked via sata

    I was able to install 4.41.2 lite but after a weeks time my controller's not syncing. So I decided to redo it. In the process I was able to do it again BUT I am now stucked with the recovery mode. I can only make it work by powering my ps3 with the sata cable not attached.

    Ps3 not detecting a hard drive.. turning it off.. then attching the sata cable back again.. then turning it back on.. then it boots up properly.. to my dismay I just went back to 3.55 kmeaw.

    NOTE: I had kmeaw for this set up around 4 years and I have no problems with boot up.. I want to have this set-up working with 4.41.2 rebug.. any ideas???

  9. #209
    afzoo3news Guest
    Just get a proper 2.5" internal HDD. You can get something like the 1TB WD BLUE fairly cheap now. It's 5200RPM.

  10. #210
    elser1 Guest
    hey fellas, just after some advice. i see there are the rebug rex and the rebug 4.41 lite. what is the difference please? i'm currently on rebug 3.55. time to upgrade. i just wanna play my back up games. not really into homebrew. is the lite good edition for me or is rex better.

    cheers for any info.


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