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Thread: Rebug 4.30.1, Rebug 4.21.2 / 3.55.4 PS3 CFW REX Editions Arrive

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    crusad3r Guest
    Cool I gotta do the same

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    moonwalker Guest

    Rebug and PSN. Safe?

    Hello everybody.

    I have:
    REBUG 4.30.2 (Spoofed to 4.41)
    MM 4.40.00 BASE

    Everything is running fine etc.

    If I connect to PSN, will I get banned? Are there some tips to minimize the risk of getting banned? I have read to never go online with PSN while running MM. I've also read about "MM stealth" which is supposed to minimize the chance of getting banned. I understand that the stealth version of MM is only for Rogero at the moment.

    Should I remove all homebrew if I wanna play online? In addition to MM, I have RegTool, Load Last Title and a couple of "bubble"/PSN games, should these be deleted? What should I absolutely avoid?

    Anyone know when stealth version of MM for Rebug will be released? I have been online the last two days, so far so good, but I wanna be careful now...

    When launching SNES rom from MM it says i have to install SNES9X for MM. Where can I get the latest emulators for MM?

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    elser1 Guest
    hey all. i'm thinking of updating from rebug 3.55 to the newest rebug 4.31. is this the best fw or should i go 4.21 rex. all i will be doing is playing games from hdd etc. i haven't used my cfw for a year or more but since metro last light came out i have.lucky it had a 3.55 fix but most new games don't seem to so i'm going to upgrade.

    is there any traps to look out for? i'll enable qa then unspoof and install over rebug 3.55 from xmb. i take it i'll need to update mm etc.
    so any tips etc. i haven't updated my cfw for along time and don't wanna stuff it. LOL


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    wlbrt53 Guest

    PS3 Install package files on Game help?

    version 4.41.. i already jailbroken using PS3UPDAT.PUP version 4.41 that i download.. please help

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    Azrial Guest
    Your gonna have to give us more info, what CFW are you on?

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    mughal1990 Guest
    i am on 3.55 cfw and want to go to 4.4 cfw, if i do so will my backed up games on my ps3's hard dive will be lost/deleted or will it be retained ?

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    Yrathore Guest
    there will be no change in your game, my means why will not lose any game or save data , only cfw will change in your ps3 console, but ya you should have cfw 3.55 kmeaw. if you have 3.55 dongle or any jailbreak firmware than your game will not play in the new firmware without change param iso and eboot file

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    simon1234 Guest
    Hi can you help me out.. i am on Rebug CFW 4.41 Lite can i go back to Rogero CEX 4.40 v1.02?


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    AntonioCarrillo Guest
    What does it actually do?

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    niwakun Guest
    elser I know that this is too late for me to say but, the safest way you can achieve playing PS3 games without fixes is REX 4.21.2, since 4.21 FW the keys used in BD and NPDRM haven't change until today 4.41 FW.

    Im still using 4.21.2 REX btw, didn't bother upgrading since ban seem to happens on 4.30 CFW or later, beleive it or not, i'm running my homebrew on REX 4.21.2 while signed in to PSN and guess what, no ban until now.

    simon assuming you already QA flag your console, you can just install it straight from REX firmware. Else, you need to use the 999 downgrade.

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