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    Quote Originally Posted by valandys View Post
    the link no work thank you
    I have added a mirror to the main article now for those interested.

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    thanks ps3 news you are the best.

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    another quality Rebug release

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    This is the same for any cfw. It's only necessary because NOR ps3s store part of the firmware on the hard drive.

    But yes, just take out old hard drive, put update on flashdrive:/PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP and put in new hard drive... it will ask for the update. I'm sure if it's safe to install from XMB it should be safe to install this way too.

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    Just updated to REBUG 4.41.1 LITE but now Multiman cannot use his BD emu, so I cant boot retail backups. Is there something I can do or just to wait for the update for the multiman?

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    read the news post all the way through, both multiMAN & Iris (which won't be) need to be updated to work with 4.41 CFW

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    WOW didnt last long on my system. Just long enough to realize its not supported yet by any backup manager, I hope it is hooked up soon, I want to run REBUG as I hear its well liked and very stable.

    Glad you can still go back to Rogero 4.40. So Multiman is not getting updated? What gives?

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    Deank has been quiet for awhile now, no updates or anything, maybe family commitments or work, dunno what's happening.

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    Iris will be fine too, for the time being at least.

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