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  1. #131
    Gunja Guest
    Right. I am on 3.55 Kmeaw and have decided to take the plunge on upgrading to one of the rebug firmwares. Just one question -will my old 3.55 games and PSN games still play after I upgrade? Thanx!!

    Hmmm.... PS3 only sees the toolbox package... multiman is the same... Do I need to FTP it to the packages directory? Can I install it from Multiman then? I ran the toolbox prog and did the Q/A flag.. Any advice would be appreciated! Don't want to go further 'cause I don't want to brick it!!

  2. #132
    ariark Guest
    well i upgrade from kmeaw to rebug 4.21.2 but i havent tested all the game yet but few i tested works great on 3.55 fix... and the others say they work but only some need to replace the eboot to original... PSN i only hv one (journey) and i hv to problem with it... but other say old PSN does not work on it...

    for upgrading i follow step by step guide by Itskamel's n00b REBUG REX Guide: http://www.ps4news.com/ps3-cfw-mfw/r...owngrader-out/

    btw for Rebug PS3 4.40 Version Spoofer 2.3 do i need to download Rebug_Update_Package_0.1_4.21.x.pkg first or can i just update 4.40_Version_Spoofer_2.3.pkg directly without going through Rebug_Update_Package_0.1_4.21.x.pkg...

    nevermind i did the first and the second now im on spoof 4.40

  3. #133
    moja Guest
    Yeah you only need Rebug_Update_Package_0.1_4.30.x to update the spoofer for Rebug.

    4.40_Version_Spoofer_2.3 is NOT for rebug, as mentioned in the main article.

  4. #134
    kalaner Guest

    Cool From Rogero 4.30 to Rebug 4.30.2?

    Anyone that can help me with a guide how to go from Rogero 4.30 to Rebug 4.30.2?

    I know that I have to go back to 3.55 first then to Rebug 4.30.2 but is there any guide to follow?


  5. #135
    Azrial Guest
    I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think you have to go back to 3.55, I think it's possible to just install the .PUP file and switch over, but wait for somebody else to confirm or correct me first.

  6. #136
    karcsinator Guest
    Is anyone having problems with searching for a match? I can sign in with the new rebug update, but counter strike global offensive is not connecting to steam, or cannot find a match

    Anyone having problems going online with rebug update package on the 4.40 spoof cannot seem to connect to steam. Something i need to edit?

  7. #137
    gnuthinker Guest

    Question Rebug pkg file question

    What pkg files do you use for rebug 4.30.2 patch 4.40?

    I'm trying to install retroarch, (would like a recommended ftp app) and could use some help with getting one of my two media severs to work with showtime. Please advise with info in how to know what pkg files to dl and install to get things to work in the new rebug. I have allowed showtime and multiman to update off of a menu i found and tehy work but I have had no luck getting retroarch to work (would also like to know were i can put my roms on the hd) any help greatly appreciated.

  8. #138
    VogrBurn Guest
    What do you think about this CFW? It's better than the lasts 4.40?

  9. #139
    fabrice08 Guest

    Rebug 4.4

    Is there any update.PUP for rebug 4.4?

  10. #140
    ercan usta Guest
    no friend.

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