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    You don't need to resign old 3.55 games. You only need to resign games that you had patched for 3.55 (games requiring FW 3.56 or higher) or restore their original eboots. Older games (requiring FW 3.55 or lower) that haven't been patched for 3.55 don't need to be resigned to run on 4.30 CFW.

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    anyone know of a good comparison between cfws?

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    just data transfer people its the safest way to do anything.. lol

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    hi can you help me How to upgrade from 3.55 dongle to Rebug CFW?


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    Question Updating Rebug

    I have rebug 4.21 REX edition that first came out months ago I just realized that an update to it was release back in January. So I was wondering do I have to downgrade to OFW 3.55 again in order to update to the 4.21.2 ? or can I just update my ps3 firmware over the Rebug 4.21 that I already have ?

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    I updated strait to Rebug 4.30. But I have QA flaged my Ps3 on 3.55

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    I did the same as GotNoUsername, I think you can just update with Rebug CFW, but don't quote me on that.

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    I didnt do the QA flaged because when I first read about it was for ppl that downgraded their console and I knew mine never was downgraded and for some reason I couldn't get the QA flaged to work back when i had 3.55 CFW

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    If your QA flagged, then it should be OK to just upgrade.

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    hi can you help me about dongle firmware is 3.55, Qa flag do not work on it.. can i install kmeaw firmware and then run Qa flag?



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