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    alright... i guess i've never paid that close attention to how i upload. it's the only torrent i got going until there's a seed or two and it seems to have slowed way down after having decent speeds. so, anyone with the files downloaded, just redirect your torrent client to the files so you can upload right away instead of having to redownload it.

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    I only have 4.21 version downloaded

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    well then just select that file for download. anything is helpful. i just decided all three since it'll help anyone wanting any of them. i might not even use this depending on how everything works out for 3.55.

    knowing rebug and their work, i might just jump on this. i just gotta know how the 3.55 compatibility is on 4.21, if the lv1 checks allow psx backups, if dex to cex is simple (and if you're on their dex or just a regular dex) and how easy the downgrading dehashing is. those are my big ones.

    i'll number those actually to make it easier.

    1. how's the 3.55 games on 4.21.1? is it improved over others or just the same?
    2. do psx backups work on 4.21 now cause of the lv1 checks?
    3. when converting to dex, is it pretty simple? do you go to their dex firmware or something? i mean, how would you convert back to this cex firmware if say 4.4 comes out?
    4. is downgrading now pretty simple with their firmware? they didn't really go into much details. you just install the pup and then their 3.55.3 and that's it or do you need to do a few more things?

    thanks to any help.

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    I would think 3.55.2 ---> 4.21

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    I love Rogero's work no more patches , plus psn access, would love to try this but downgrading (already done it twice) and flashing without a hardware flasher is scary lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by lzyslckr View Post
    So do I go from

    3.55.2 -> 3.55.3 -> 4.21
    3.55.2 ->4.21

    Another question, probably a stupid one but 3.55.3 can't play 4.21+ games right? Besides that are they both the same?
    3.55.2 ->4.21 use qa flag and recovery mode, and yes

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    REBUG_4.21.1_REX_PS3UPDAT.PUP &dn=REBUG_4.21.1_REX_PS3UPDAT.PUP&message=&sid=454 d178&cid=6062275160

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    I just popped this firmware onto a flash drive and I am on OFW 4.30 and I see this...

    So... This means we can downgrade from OFW 4.30 now?...

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    OK. thanks. i knew it. just edit explore_category_psn.xml as in clean_psn.tcl of PS3MFW task did. but i dont know if have anything wrong i will reflash FW.

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    oh, and what is spkg sig check? i did a quick search to only find it listed in other articles from rebug... sounds like something that is standard in most firmwares except maybe geohot's.

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