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    Quote Originally Posted by PS 4 View Post
    tried it it fixes the error message but not the career mode problem so its sort of half fixed thanks for the help

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    fifa 13 rebug 4.21 help

    just having a little trouble getting career mode working discless has anyone got it running discless i've update to latest version and still not working so any help would be appreciated many thanks

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    Been contemplating on jumping ship from 3.41 for a while, but I have a question regarding the HDD swap. On page 32 it is said that using the HDD Exchange Utility should take care everything HD swap, no worries. Now I haven't try this utility myself, but it looks like it can create some kind of a clone of the current HDD, making the swap process easier.

    However, what do we do if we don't have the clone? Will the 4.21 Rebug .pup be enough in installing the new HDD? I'm asking this because some say that you should downgrade first to 3.55 before swapping, but in case when your HDD suddenly fails, we don't have that chance, right?

    My concern is, will I be SOL if I'm on 4.21 Rex and suddenly, God forbid, the HDD fails & I don't have a working clone from HDD Exchange Utility?

    Maybe anyone here has experience/ try the above scenario?

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    If you're on 4.21 REX and swap HDDs, you can install 999 Downgrader from Recovery Mode. Then dehash, then upgrade back to 4.21 REX. Enjoy your new HDD!

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    Rage DLC not working on Rebug 4.21


    I wanted to play Rage Anarchy Edition/sewers but I have no luck with it it just gives me something is wrong (please reinstall) on start menu.

    Anybody have a fix for rebug 4.21?

    p.s can't wait for the new DLC Coming out next week

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigvern1979 View Post
    still having problems fifa 13 discless tried updateing and get error mode and before update career mode freezes cant use disc in method my drive is broken has anyone got any ideas please
    This is not my fix, to play career mode diskless create a pkg with pkgtoolkit gui -> install it -> copy usrdir files of game folder to hdd0/game/BLxxxx/usrdir/ -> load any game from multiman -> back to xmb -> play from fifa13 psn icon... enjoy

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    i found a simple solution when i entering career mode before loading saved career change the remote number from 1 to 2 and it works like a charm strange but true

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    how you changed remote no. from 1 to 2 and has it to be done always before playing career mode...

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    I have a little problem, with the wifi on, when I start my ps3 and it is on WHAT NEW or on VIDEO > PLAYSTATION STORE after few seconds (about 15) it will freeze and I need to switch off from the power button to restart the ps3 again, does anyone has the same problem or is just me? Thanks.

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    never mind.. did it

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