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  1. #421
    condorstrike Guest
    For those new people, let me point something out again:

    Condor Updater only works with NOR PS3s. (all Slims, and very few Phats.)

    Also when you see the error: and (press select+start) ...that's what you want. it's the simplest app available... lol

  2. #422
    bigbarnes Guest
    probably stupid question but i'm new to this i've just bought a brand newps3 slim 160g will this work on mine or with will it require hardware or different software for me to jailbreak mine

  3. #423
    Infernape Guest
    what OFW your ps3 have?

  4. #424
    ttesterzz Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by G Sus View Post
    its highly unlikely your the only one with this problem, one min and il connect another hd and see if it works for me

    okey i've put second hardrive in usb port 1 and am now playing nfs from it it works perfectly, none of my hds are powered, they all power from ps3 no idea why you having trouble

    my multiman settings are hermes bdrom emu maybe thats where the problem is my toolbox lv1 patches are peek and poke enabled and all the others disabled

    so the only thing i can do is confirm yes it does work with 2 hds, I assume the only setting i have different to you is i have hermes selected. but if thats not causing your problem, then i really have no idea.
    hey i have the EXACT same problem, a lot of my games that worked on kmeaw didnt work on rebug 4.21 and come to find out it because i have my 2 external hdds in at the same time. both are self powered. 2 3TB hard drives. Games work with just one hooked up.

  5. #425
    nabelo Guest

    REbug 4.21.1 REX Question

    Hi peeps,

    just a quick question about the Rebug 4.21 REX edition firmware. As a few newer games are signed with 4.25 or higher keys (e.g. Epic Mickey 2) i want to know if i need to resign them if I'm on 4.21 REX CFW, or do those games still work unpatched on 4.21 REX CFW ? It it just the .sfo which tells we need higher firmware then 4.21 ? Or are the eboots really signed with higher keys which 4.21 REX cant read ?

    Best regards,


  6. #426
    akimazaki Guest
    You need resign to 4.21 to work

  7. #427
    stingray1059 Guest
    i'm on 4.21 rebug.. how can i go back to 3.55 safely? i want to try rogero.

  8. #428
    akimazaki Guest
    use REBUG 3.55.3 999 DGR PUP to downgrade back

  9. #429
    AdilAliraqe Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by stingray1059 View Post
    i'm on 4.21 rebug.. how can i go back to 3.55 safely? i want to try rogero.
    1. Down 4.25 To 3.55 FROM XMB
    2. Toggle Qa Dehash
    3. OFW PS3 3.55 Recovery
    4. Rogero CEX 4.30 V1.04 Recovery


  10. #430
    StanSmith Guest
    A Question for anyone that knows a bit more than most running Rebux 4.21REX. What are the best settings in the QA and DEBUG menus for games?

    I cant get any game updates to work and most games need to be patched before they work for me. Others have said BO2 works fine updated and all the DLC works but I cant get it working, I cant update and no DLC works. If I patch it I can get it working but I cant patch the update only the game itself.

    So whats the best settings? In the DEBUG menu there are a few "developer or retail" settings. Which do I have these set at? And all the other settings. I'm thinking when I first messed around with Rebug back in the 3.55.1 REBUG days I changed something and most of the settings I did back then are still there.

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