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Thread: Rebug 3.55.3 / 4.21.1 PS3 CFW REX Editions, 999 Downgrader Out

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    G Sus Guest
    yep some games dont have an update , if the game is working and can get online no update is neccessary, dont worry about it

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    roeykarou Guest
    But i cant go online in the game... it asks me to update to v. 1.03 you know people that are playing online with rebug on fifa 13?

    And did not updated the game to V1.03?!

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    G Sus Guest
    if its saying you need to update to v1.03 then there is an update. if multiman isnt finding it then its a pretty unique problem. all i can thing of is go into toolbox2 and set the setting that you changed to debug back so that your fw isnt spoofed no more. start the game and see if it trys to update. if it does let it. once its updated quit the game, and restart toolbox and set the setting back to debug so your spoofed again. then run the game again. that should sort it.

    you'll probably have to delete game data again , when you unspoof or game wont boot. (maybe not)

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    roeykarou Guest
    But... when i'll go back from rebug to normal settings. Then my wi-fi wont work. So how could i update the game in normal mode? Again i'm very sorry for the questions i'm kinda noob in this rebug version..

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    G Sus Guest
    your wifi will still work, and it will still get update, only psn stops working,

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    roeykarou Guest
    Thanks a lot for your help on this... I'll try and let you know... Really thanks mate

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    G Sus Guest
    sony still has to supply updates for people on old cfw, they cant just stop your update access. otherwise it would make all fw updates compulsory and they cant really legally do that. thats why they bribe you with psn access for newer cfw. so you have to update it.
    game updates must be available for all fw versions

    I hid in the shadows reading forums for 8 months , it got me a ps3 running cfw and dex to cex switching.

    Helpin out is my way of paying something back for all the things i've gotten from ps3news before they even knew i was here lol.

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    roeykarou Guest
    That makes sense... A lot actually...

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    G Sus Guest
    sometimes by reading forums your not really interested in, you find solutions to problems you've got. theres useful info in all the forums, even the silly pointless ones. sometimes the info seems useless, but at a later date its relevance becomes clearer. even if the forum is totally unrelated to what your looking for.

    Pointless waffle.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    I came across some issues with some of my games with the REBUG 4.21.1 REX EDITION. My copy of Dead Island (+ Call of Juarez) black screened by starting the game. It doesn't matter if I switch the modes from REBUG to Normal, Toggle QA, Retail XMB, Debug XMB.

    Is there any fix (like BDEMU or like that) for such games ?

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