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    gerald410 Guest
    I can seed as well if you start a torrent.

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    Well, whoever posts first, as long as the file names aren't changed, i'm down to join in. I'm at about 10 minutes for one of the pups, and 18 minutes for the slowest one.

    I have torrents going constantly but they generally don't affect my speeds too much. I'm going about 200 kb/s for download right now.

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    gerald410 Guest
    I'm new to creating torrents, I have the file in utorrent how do i find link to provide?

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    gerald410 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by gerald410 View Post
    I'm new to creating torrents, I have the file in utorrent how do i find link to provide?

    let me know if that works REBUG_4.21.1_REX_PS3UPDAT.PUP thx

  5. #35
    JOshISPoser Guest
    you should have the torrent saved somewhere. upload that torrent to a host.

    i'm about 1 minute away from doing it if you don't.

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    Djmatrix32 Guest
    I can also seed the torrent

  7. #37
    albatawy Guest
    where the heck is PSHOME? but I don't mind it.

  8. #38
    JOshISPoser Guest

    this is all three firmwares. enjoy and be sure to seed so we get faster speeds.

  9. #39
    gerald410 Guest
    I will just join your torrent when you provide a link, i've got good upload speeds.

  10. #40
    lzyslckr Guest
    So do I go from

    3.55.2 -> 3.55.3 -> 4.21
    3.55.2 ->4.21

    Another question, probably a stupid one but 3.55.3 can't play 4.21+ games right? Besides that are they both the same?

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