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Thread: Rebug 3.55.3 / 4.21.1 PS3 CFW REX Editions, 999 Downgrader Out

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    G Sus Guest
    don't give up now delete gamedata and install latest update using multiman to download it and it will start working.

    mine were same until i deleted gamedata and intsalled the update that multiman got for me, the game wont ask for one cos it thinks your in 4.31 but your not your in 4.25.

    goodluck n goodnight.

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    srass24 Guest
    hey guys. when i get my new hdd 2.5" and i use the rebug "HDD Change Utility" does it format it right there or something? or do i need to format it with pc then do the "HDD Change Utility"?

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    niwakun Guest
    you dont need to do anything, just make sure that your HDD is larger than or equal to the capacity of the current HDD your PS3 using to. And then place your HDD on a SATA - USB adapter or maybe if you have HDD enclosure you can use that. Then plug it on your PS3 on most right side USB slot and begin that HDD backup utility.

    After that you swap your HDD with the new one that used on HDD backup utility, once PS3 restarted, it will prompt that you need to rebuild something on your PS3 HDD, let it be then after that it will restart PS3 and whoala, you just successfully swap your drive without losing any data.

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    srass24 Guest

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    kratosgow Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by laoduckie View Post
    hmmm.. I changed it to Hermes in Multiman.. lv1 is at peeks and pokes & everything else disabled... loaded NFS Most Wanted & it showed Playstation Move intro, then kicks me back to XMB... Assassin's Creed III just kicks me back to XMB .. i think i'm gonna give up for now..a bit cumbersome to swap ext. hard drives everytime you wanna play different games, but a small price to pay for having CFW.
    Create ASSASSIN_ISO folder in USRDIR folder.

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    boxbundy Guest
    This Rebug firmware seems to be what the doctor ordered but I am a little confused with some options. Can anyone help with explaining in noob detail what the following options actually do please? these are sections from rebug menus obviously.

    Boot OtherOS:
    Boot OtherOS with either your currently selected LV1 patches or easily apply ALL LV1 patches and boot.

    Boot (LV1 Patches: Apply All)
    Boot (LV1 Patches: Use current)

    Load lv2_kernel.self.[KERNEL_NAME] from USB or /dev_hdd0

    Save LV1 memory to dev_usb000 or dev_usb006 or dev_hdd0 if usb is not found.

    Save LV2 memory to dev_usb000 or dev_usb006 or dev_hdd0 if usb is not found.

    Also a tutorial on exactly how to change from dex/cex would help - it's all a bit vague to me in rebug's manual.

    I could go on for ages (most of it I don't get). this firmware could really do with a more thorough explanation to accompany the rebug manual. If anyone could help me by doing so I would really appreciate the insight. kind of like a laymans tutorial of the rebug manual is what I need.

    I'm not sure about all this patching stuff. I'm not sure what features would suit me and what features I shouldn't worry about.
    Please help if you can

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    abeetude Guest
    hey guys, as a test i created another user on the ps3 with a new sen account - connect straight up. so it seems that it is some kind of user account profile issue. it might actually be that be that my account is dormant due to not using it in like +- 2 years.

    if that is the case how do i revive that account as my original email address i signed up with does not exist anymore?

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    boxbundy Guest
    oh and a bit of info on this peek n poke stuff too.

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    stingray1059 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by YuuZA View Post
    NO! only a HW Flasher can be used at the moment to switch between firmwares (OFW & CFW). You can however still login to PSN/SEN on REX 4.21.1 and play all the latest games.
    how can i go online with rebug 4.21? i tried logging in but it requires me to update.

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    pinoytechno Guest
    could anyone help me i have a rogero cfw 3.55 on my ps3 what should i do to install rebug 3.55?

    could anyone help me thanks

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