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  1. #341
    G Sus Guest
    i assume it would only affect games that go long periods without accessing the hd, which wouldnt be many. most games access the hardrive quite a lot if not constantly.

    i dont think its options you can change either, it depends on the hardrive itself and how its made, what controller card it has inside it etc. not the actuall hardrive itself

    ive got one hardrive that is totally incompatible with ps3 because the controoler card has a fake dvd drive inbuilt and the ps3 keeps seing it so multiman wont find the games.

  2. #342
    pandulce1 Guest
    I was not aware that LBPK already has an update. Good you got it working. Here is where I got the patched eboot, just in case.


  3. #343
    G Sus Guest
    when you run the game it dont know there is an update cos your rebug tells it its 4.31 but your really on 4.25 the update is actually for people still on 4.30 who dont want to update to 4.31 but you wont get offered it cos your spoofed to 4.31.
    multiman knows your on 4.25 so it gets checks for updates for any fw below 4.31 and finds the update.

    atleast i think thats whats happening, i always use multiman to get the update. cos most games dont know there is one.

  4. #344
    laoduckie Guest
    Anybody figured out a way to play games while having 2+ external hard drive plugged in? I can only keep one external hard drive online, or else I would get a black screen everytime i start some games with more than 2 external hard drives plugged into the ports.

  5. #345
    G Sus Guest
    are both of your ext hds self powered. or is any of them being pwered from ps3 usbs. if thats not the problem , only solution would be to buy a 1.5tb hd (tescos 79) or why do you need both hds connected, use 1 drive for games from A to M and another for games N to Z and then its easy to know which one to connect.

    i've got 74 games on a 1tb hd and still got 340gigs of space, the hardrive also has a folder with all my important ps3 files on it. why could you possibly need 2 harddrives connected. thats an awfull lot of games, you cant possibly play them all. put all the ones you hardly play on one drive, and the rest on the other.

  6. #346
    pandulce1 Guest
    74?!! I have 15 and think that's a lot. I even deleted a few that I know I'm not going to play.

  7. #347
    G Sus Guest
    i've put all my originals in a suitcase at bottom of wardrobe, its far too much hassle to keep getting them out and swapping which ones are on the hardrive , easier to buy 1tb hardrive now, they cheap enough.

  8. #348
    laoduckie Guest
    LoL .. one external hard drive is already 2TB .. i'm just saying with rebug 3.55.2 CFW, i was able to have 2 externals plugged in.. why can't it be done with rebug 4.21? .. One is usb-powered, but regardless, it worked before.

  9. #349
    abeetude Guest
    hi guys - i am able to run 2 externasl usb's at the same time with rex - 1tb & 300gb.

    just by the by any know what error: 8071053D means when trying to sign in or maybe point me in the right direction. thank you

  10. #350
    G Sus Guest
    thats one hell of a game collection. very strange how it worked with rebug 3.55.2 and dont with rebug 4.21rex only thing i can assume is maybe its something to do with the sys calls that multiman is using.

    i know in rebug you can alter a lot of patches etc. activate some and dissable some. maybe its just a case of playing with a few of those and see if it improves.

    its still early days yet, there could even be an new update for multiman that could sort it. If enough people require more than one hd , then im sure someone will work out a fix eventually. i'm just not sure there is that many people that require 2 hds other than to copy games across and that function still works as far as i'm aware.

    thanks for that input abetude , so it appears his problem is an isolated problem and obviously must be fixable.

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