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    Yes, this is safe. it is merely a software install for SEN, it is not a firmware update.

    once you download on 4.21.1 REX in Debug mode you should be able to use PSN like normal.

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    HDD rebug 4.21.1

    hey all. I am on a 160 GB slim ps3 with rebug 4.21.1 cfw QA enabled. I am wanting to upgrade to a 750 GB HDD 2.5". Since im on cfw do i need to do something special before upgrading a HDD? do i have to be on 3.55 ofw?

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    What I do is buy 500 GB WD Portable Hard Drive and format fat32 and you are all set. No problem for me.

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    Just hook the hard drive up to a computer and format it in Fat32 then put in your ps3 and the Ps3 will format it. If you have an external hard drive I would make a back up of you ps3 first.

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    ok isn't part of the firmware stored on the HDD though since its a slim?

    can i just format it to Fat32 on pc and install it in ps3 slim without messing with cfw?

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    Hy, yes, the Slim have NOR Flash with 16 MB and a part of your Firmware is on the HDD.

    If you Put a new HDD in yor PS3 it will format it an tell you to reinstall your Firmware. Then you on a Virgin PS3.

    Have anybody check the Debug for HDD Exchange Utility in the Debug Settings? See in Wiki:

    As I understand it you can create a backup / copy of the internal HDD. Whether this is now written so that is detected in the original PS3 as the orignal HDD. I have not tested this, sorry. Is just an idea.

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    Cyberskunk recently said that this method is safe to use and works.

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    THX for the Info

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    ok cool so if i use the Debug for HDD Exchange Utility i wont need to worry about the firmware stuff?

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    Its create a backup / copy of the internal HDD. Of all files.

    (Please correct me anybody if I wrong)

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