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Thread: Rebug 3.55.3 / 4.21.1 PS3 CFW REX Editions, 999 Downgrader Out

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    pandulce1 Guest
    Hi there. So last night, after reading this entire thread, I decided to give Rebug 4.21.1 a try. I had been using Rogero 3.55 v3.4 for several months and it's been great, but I just had to try this new CFW. I simply installed the toggle_qa.pkg, ran it (of course) and then installed Rebug 4.21.1 from XMB.

    Everything went well. Against my better judgement, I signed in to PSN, synced my trophies and activated my PS3 for game content. Now Sony has all the info they need to smack me over the head with the ban hammer, so if any of you hear a loud and agonizing scream, you'll know who it was. :-P

    I have not done a lot testing yet, but so far Journey and WipeOut HD/Fury still work from XMB. Dead Or Alive 5 however, freezes after a few minutes of gameplay. Has anyone gotten this game to work?

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    G Sus Guest
    check to see if there is an up to date update for the game, install it and see if it sorts it out.

    use multiman though, cos your fw thinks your on 4.30 and you really on 4.25, multiman knows this.

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    pejman2222 Guest
    hi everyone, does psn work on rebug 4.21 ?

    i get 8002a224 error during login

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    G Sus Guest
    have you ran toolbox2 and enabled rebug mode so that your spoofed to 4.31

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    pejman2222 Guest
    yes its spoofed to 4.31 but i cant sign in psn

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    pandulce1 Guest
    Dead Or Alive 5 needs BD-Mirror, which I had not turned on. Rookie mistake. I should have checked the compatibility list prior to asking about it.

    Well, it lasted a little longer, but eventually it gave me a "Game data is damaged" error and locked up the PS3. I had to shut it off and on again. Perhaps a new dump is in order.

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    G Sus Guest
    when you were on 3.55 did you use anythig to get onto psn, change any certificates or files or anything.

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    zacksmith Guest
    hi m8, is it safe using the CEX/DEX feature with rebug 4.21

    i have everything ready and im tempted to use it

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    G Sus Guest
    i can't say its safe, but it works. first time i tried it was scarey. i've only did it twice , but like i say i was very nervous because i've semi bricked twice going to cex.(old way) luckily though both times were successful with rebugs way. (still scarey though)

    i'm tempted to do it again, cos i never did test playing a game from rebug dex. think i was too frightened incase i crashed something.

    if you do try it let me know how you got on, and wether you found it a bit scarey. might have just been me being a scaredy cat after semi-bricking twice lol.

    aldo has released a new version of mMDM i might have to make the switch to see how that works out. fidling with my ps3 is gonna kill it one day, i know it is.

    luckily i've only ever bricked one ps3, and that was because my power went off during the update from 3.41 to 3.55. being on an electricity key meter can be fatal to PS3s lol

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    Shugobox Guest
    DOA5 seems to always freeze for me on day 6 in story mode, however the rest of the game seems to work well.

    Note though that this happened back with Rogero 4.30 for me too, so I'm not sure what could be causing it exactly.

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