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    JOshISPoser Guest
    pretty much anything puts you at risk. i think sony mainly looks for cheaters cause it might be a waste of time to ban people who are cfw. there's probably quite a bit atm

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    DarkLordMalik Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by JOshISPoser View Post
    pretty much anything puts you at risk. i think sony mainly looks for cheaters cause it might be a waste of time to ban people who are cfw. there's probably quite a bit atm
    Why is it a waste of time? Microsoft bans consoles, Sony can do the same as well.

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    then i shall stand corrected. i just know a few people use cfw and haven't been banned cause there's no reason to ban them besides just being mad

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    DarkLordMalik Guest
    So you sure? I mean i heard people were banned last year during the CFW spree. So you are saying PS3 is basically free from any sort of ban unlike the pirated Xbox 360?

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    G Sus Guest
    theres always a risk of the great ban hammer, the problem for sony is around 30 or 40% of consoles are cfw. most of asia you cant get a ps3 unless its on cfw cos they cant just go and buy game disks.

    if sony dropped another mass ban hammer on cfw, there would be hardly anyone playing online no more, normal uses would give up on online play cos there would be hardly anyone connected to play against.

    but there is always a risk.

  6. #256
    Zentsuken Guest
    Will there be a ban? No one can say, but if you were around about a year and a half ago when 3.55 CFW became rampant and people could get online via the Charles method.

    You would know that Sony definitely kept tabs on all of that. Some people said it was a massive email towards everyone, but that wasn't so. Friends who are legit OFW users never got it. While I on the other hand did, even though I never even played games online.

    The only time I went online was to do a quick update of my trophies. Personally, I think 30-40% consoles is a bit of a stretch. Many people decided to update in order to continue playing games online, others decided to buy another PS3 and use it for online play and their old PS3 for homebrew/offline use.

    Again, no one can tell you if you will or won't be banned. That's just mere speculation, and it's something you'll have to decide for yourself. We still don't know if all they would do is ban via console ID or through harsher means, such as PSN account.

    I think people have gotten careless when it comes to taking precautions..

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    arrakis31 Guest
    Any word on REACTpsn? I made rif using my IDPS and act.dat for borderlands 2 but no luck, no DLC activation in game...

  8. #258
    zacksmith Guest
    i really am not bothered if sony ban my CFW PS3, i have another ps3 for online game. PSN on CFW is just a bonus, allows my to sync my offline trophies and download my dlc

  9. #259
    kryteris Guest
    What are the pros/cons between the different CFW's? 4.21.1 vs 3.55.3 vs 4.30?

  10. #260
    v1p Guest

    question on rebug rex

    Hello , I was wonder on rebug, on the xmb menu and in to game data.. Why is there copy button gone.. In OFW ur able to copy.. so what do i have to do to copy game data??

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