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    Member zhaoyun123's Avatar
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    hmm i think that the PSN of my got DNS error is because of ReActPSN i think...??

    because there are files to replace in the /dev_blind/vsh/module
    the files are i think:

    do think these one disrupt the DNS thingy?? or is it not?

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    others are having similar dns errors, and they have never run ReActPSN or any other psn enabling apps. so probably not. no idea whats causing the dns errors for some people. i assume rebug replaced those files when it was installed, but maybe not.

    hope you figure it out.

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    still finding ways... i even search on google on how to fix DNS but it gives just to change the DNS change like the primary and secondary DNS still no change...

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    theres a few of you with same error, so i'm sure they will be working on a solution for it. just keep checking back daily , until its sorted.

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    For the DNS error, Going into recovery and select "Restore Default Settings" worked for me. But it only worked if done from Recovery and not from XMB.

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    will it restart everything even my save because of that or isn't??

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    Has someone try coldboot installer to change coldboot.raf file?? I'm getting error no file found, when i try to set manualy in Multiman system freeze?!

    I'm using Rebug 4.21.1 CFW??

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkLordMalik View Post
    Can't i get the proper recovery menu with the Rebuild Database and Restore File System with this method?
    This is normal behaviour on those apps correct? (Condor Updater & Rebug Toolbox) if you run this it won't boot into "Recovery menu" it goes straight to that "System Software is not installed properly, Press Start + Select to install System Software or PS button to restart System"

    from there install PUP, that's all it does, would be sweet if they can boot into the Recovery menu instead

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    looks like it work (or so i think...) because after i "Restore Default Settings" and when to PSN like it works on Quick Signing and the Signing New Account ^^ let me try before gonna confirms this one ^^


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