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  1. #201
    zhaoyun123 Guest
    yep i run it already and the system says 4.31 still it wont on the psn.... even im on anygame its just wont go in... even after an update from using multiman then play the game it wont online...

  2. #202
    G Sus Guest
    use multiman to get most recent game patch and then install it. and try again.

  3. #203
    zhaoyun123 Guest
    already tried that on marvel vs. capcom 3 (not ultimate), now its already 1.03 which is the latest on that, when i choose online and after input my password, its just give that DNS error >.<, even if i try on the XMB part it just wont go in...

    oh btw... i'm using the new multiman 4.10.00

  4. #204
    G Sus Guest
    before you update to rebug 4.25 had you changed any files or certificsates in order to run psn through a pc or anythinjg like that.

    rebug should have updated the certificates but maybe it didnt.

    i'm just guessing there

  5. #205
    mare92 Guest
    Hello! Can I install this 4.21 CFW directly over 3.55 Kmaew, which have never been downgraded?

    And if not, what should I do first? Thank you.

  6. #206
    zacksmith Guest
    i'm sure you would have checked this already...

    but if you used YAB before to access psn, have you changed "set proxy server" to NO

  7. #207
    G Sus Guest
    install rebug 3.55.3Rex first, then rebug 4.25v1REX and should be okey

  8. #208
    zhaoyun123 Guest
    er w8 wats YAB? also i didnt connect this one to the pc to connect to psn....

  9. #209
    G Sus Guest
    did you use anything on 3.55 to access psn

  10. #210
    zhaoyun123 Guest
    the last i used psn when i was on 3.41 (no cfw, no dongles or any of that), and i have only 1 disk game is the tekken 6, then when cfw 3.55 was out i download games then put it my ps3, i think the first one is i use the filezilla and the BlackBoxFTP that's all i can remember

    if so... what are the chances that i have the DNS error? maybe i can look upon to if ever just in case...

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