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  1. #181
    Tommy76 Guest
    Does anyone know if rebug will stay with 4.21 or will release next cfw based on 4.31+ ?

  2. #182
    G Sus Guest
    i suppose until its really needed they will stay here, all the 4.30 games work anyway. why change something that already doing everything needed, i just waiting to hear how the cex /dex switching works out

    i'm set up and ready to go , but darent actually push the button lol i'm not sure if it matters that my dex and cex flashes were made in 3.55 or not, also curious as to why i've got rebug toolbox showing up in my games list of multiman ?

  3. #183
    zacksmith Guest
    has anyone come across error code : 80010009 i get it with quite a few games on rogero 4.21 + rebug 4.21

    games load then just throws me back to XMB with that error:

    Dark Souls
    007 Legends

  4. #184
    G Sus Guest
    delete game data and then download latest update for that game, and run it again it should work, anyone been brave enough to test the cex/dex switching please post details.

    and anyone know how come, on my other ps3 i have tv category but on this one i don't ? they both running rebug 4.21

    ignore the tv category bit i've got that working.

    but please someone whose tried the cex dex switching please post details.

  5. #185
    zacksmith Guest
    ^^ tried everything, same error code everytime

    i have my DEX flash ready, not sure im gonna risk it tho yet lol without an hardware flasher not heard anyone of doing it yet

  6. #186
    G Sus Guest
    i've had problems with a few games on the other system, but its because there was game data stopping them working, on this system all games are just running first time cos its a fresh system with no gamedata. hardrive was formated.

    but all my games are backed up from disk and have original eboots etc. so that could be why.

  7. #187
    Lando43 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy76 View Post
    Does anyone know if rebug will stay with 4.21 or will release next cfw based on 4.31+ ?
    There is no reason for a 4.30cfw, psn works, no new keys in 4.30 and the only new feature is vita trophies. 4.30fw is pretty buggy too actually. 4.21 has been around for months and is stable. when/if psn gets locked again and new keys are introduced I'm sure someone will be working on a new firmware. SOny will definitely try to block psn access again sometime this year. They wouldn't want all the Black Ops II hackers ruin the launch

    I wouldn't connect to psn right now with rebug or any cfw. I suspect sony will finally start banning people, there should be ways to cover cfw tracks when connected to psn, we wouldn't know until sony acts.

  8. #188
    Rand023 Guest
    I've never done QA toggle before so do i have to be on OFW 3.55 to Rebug 3.55.2 to install Rebug Toggle QA and then install 3.55.3? I'm currently on OFW3.00 original PS3 with ps2 compatibility. Have had a PS3 with CFW 3.55 before but sold it cause had this original one YLOD which is now fixed.

  9. #189
    G Sus Guest
    well if nobody has taken the plunge of stupidity by 8pm tonight (kids go to bed), then i guess il just have to be the guinea pig. The cex to dex switching and full dex rebug mode is far to tempting , its eating away at my soul.

    i would assume toggle Qa would be unessecary for you, but i'd try insalling kmeaw 3.55 then rebug 3.55.3REX then REbug 4.25REX going that route if you need to toggle QA you can do that from kmeaw

    i believe the rebug 3.55.2 pup does same as kmeaw but not 100% sure

  10. #190
    Rand023 Guest
    is Rebug 4.21.1 that much better than 3.55.3?

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